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Employers: Coronavirus Restrictions Have Expired

On June 1, 2021, the regulations that guided the conduct of workplaces during the coronavirus crisis expired. Accordingly, from this day forward, workplaces no longer need to operate in accordance with the green tag or purple tag directives. At this stage, holding gatherings, professional trainings, and group meals at the workplace is permitted, even without observing social distancing.


At the same time, the general regulations for managing the coronavirus crisis continue to apply. Subject to these regulations, one must continue to wear masks indoors, including in the workplace.


Naturally, and in light of the expiration of the green and purple tag directives, we suggest reconsidering policies that require vaccination or testing as a condition to entering the workplace. We also suggest rethinking any guideline related to asking employees about previous vaccines. In our opinion, one may still implement such policies in workplaces in a limited scope that serve at-risk populations and subject to a case-by-case examination.


We further recommend that employers who may in the future send their employees abroad for work purposes instruct employees to observe the relevant rules of conduct in the destination country. Employers should also seriously consider if it is indeed required to send employees to countries identified as dangerous destinations.

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