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Hadar Eilon
Adv. Hadar Eilon

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Tel Aviv

Hadar Eilon

Hadar is an associate in the Litigation Department, specializing in insolvency.

Adv. Hadar Eilon guides her clients in complex litigation cases in the field of insolvency, with an emphasis on the rehabilitation and recovery of companies in financial difficulty, including in debt settlements.


In addition, Hadar represents creditors in debt settlements and debt claims. She has been involved in the insolvency proceedings of some of the largest corporations in the Israeli economy.


Hadar also represents private clients in a variety of financial and contractual disputes.




The College of Management Academic Studies, LL.B.,2019


Member of the Israel Bar Association since 2022

Insights & News - Hadar Eilon:

June 26, 2024

New Precedent: Commissioner for Insolvency Proceedings Accepts Military Reserve Duty as Justification for Relief

Idan Miller, the head of our firm's insolvency practice, was appointed as the insolvency trustee for White Dress Marketing Ltd. (formerly Riki Dalal Group). Together with Hadar Eilon, Idan submitted an economic rehabilitation plan on behalf of the company and its shareholders for the Tel Aviv District Court's approval. In his request, Idan asked that the controlling shareholder's military reserve service be recognized as a contributing factor for the purpose of granting relief and avoiding a full insolvency procedure. When asked by the court for his response, the Commissioner for Insolvency Proceedings accepted this position.

January 3, 2024

Personal Liability for Debt to the Registrar of Companies

A district court in Israel has ruled to impose personal liability on a company’s CEO and director for the company’s accumulated debt to the Registrar of Companies in respect of annual fees, after the company ceased operating, because the CEO and director refrained from opening court proceedings to liquidate the company.

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