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Majority Shareholders, CEOs, and Board Chairmen – Interview with Micky Barnea

With the Amir brothers’ entry to Shufersal, they appointed close associates to management positions as well as board directors on their behalf. This move has sparked debate about control and management in public companies and the blending of roles between CEO, board chairman, and majority shareholder. As an expert on corporate governance and shareholder struggles, Micky Barnea, our firm’s managing partner, was interviewed by TheMarker on the matter.


Categories: Corporate | Shareholder Activism

National Insurance: Amos Rosenzweig Interviewed by Bizportal about NII Deficit

Amos Rosenzweig, a former general counsel of the National Insurance Institute who leads our firm’s national insurance practice, was interviewed by Bizportal about the NII’s actuarial deficit. “2036 may look far away,” Amos noted, “but it’s sooner than it seems.”  

Categories: National Insurance Institute (NII)

Barnea: Webinar on Regulation of Payment and Payment Initiation Services Law

Our firm hosted a webinar on the new payment services law. The webinar was held as part of a forum for financial service providers that we launched together with Adv. Orit Yosef. During the webinar, Dr. Zvi Gabbay and Anat Even-Chen discussed the conditions for obtaining a license, the relationship between payment services and open banking services, and more.

Categories: Capital Markets | Regulation

Terry Almozlino Arnon Interviewed by Relevant about Third Apartment Tax

Terry Almozlino Arnon, the head our firm’s Real Estate Department, was interviewed by new Israeli media channel Relevant about renewed plans for a third apartment tax. She noted, “Reducing purchase tax will stimulate the market. A serious boost of encouragement is needed, even for a short period.”


Categories: Real Estate

Barnea: Hosting IIRF Conference on Future of Stock Market Trading

We were pleased to host the Israel Investor Relations Forum’s conference on the future of stock market trading. A one-on-one conversation was held between Micah Stocks, a financial YouTuber who presents stock market news, and Rami Rozen, Director of Investor Relations at AppsFlyer and a member of the IIRF’s regulatory committee. Dr. Zvi Gabbay, the head of our firm’s Capital Markets Department, also spoke.

Categories: Capital Markets

Representing One Peak in USD 100 Million Financing Round

Simon Jaffa, Yuval Lazi, Mayer Winkler, Tal Freilich, Nofar Rose David, and Dana Ben Yehuda from our firm's Corporate Department represented UK-based investment management firm One Peak Partners in its investment in Coro, an Israeli cybersecurity startup.

Categories: Corporate | Start Ups

Pinui-Binui: Court Rules in Favor of Recalcitrant Tenants in Pinui-Binui Project

In an exceptional step, an Israeli court dismissed a claim filed by 243 residents against a couple in its 70s who refused to sign an agreement for a pinui-binui project. Part of the court’s rationale had to do with the couple’s age. Alon Wolner, a partner in our Real Estate Department, was interviewed by Globes about the case. Alon noted, “The court sided with the couple opposed to the project, even though they do not meet the law’s definition, and should not technically receive an elderly persons designation. The ruling thus provides an escape route, by allowing the couple to receive this designation, and enabling the project to proceed.”

Categories: Real Estate | Urban Renewal

International Inheritance Tax Planning: Harel Perlmutter Interview on “Disputes Program”

Harel Perlmutter, head of our firm’s Tax Department, was interviewed by Yigal Borochovsky and Rachel Shahar for 102FM’s “Disputes Program.” He explained the procedures and necessary reporting when receiving an inheritance from outside of Israel.

Categories: Tax

New Method Threatening the Rule of Managers in the Stock Market

As an expert on control struggles, Micky Barnea was interviewed by Globes for an article on the Amir brothers' takeover of Shufersal. Micky explained the significance of holding less than 25 percent of a company and the tools available to the Israel Securities Authority in such transactions.

Categories: Shareholder Activism

Changes in the Data Security and Cyber Market – Dr. Avishay Klein Interview with Globes

Dr. Avishay Klein, the head of our firm’s Privacy, Data Protection and Cyber Department, was interviewed by Globes and spoke about companies’ difficulties in managing cyber risks under the current circumstances.

Categories: Cyber

Terry Almozlino Arnon Attends Dun’s 100 Real Estate Forum

Terry Almozlino Arnon attended the Dun’s 100 forum for senior legal professionals in the real estate field. She noted, "Real estate is a main artery in the economy and there is no area it does not touch. A real estate slowdown simulates a clogging of the arteries, and just as the body cannot survive long in such a state, neither can the economy." To continue reading, click here.

Categories: Real Estate

Supreme Court Issues Important Ruling on Shareholder Disputes

Zohar Lande, Eran Winner, Lina Makhuli, and Chen Segal from our Litigation Department represented Panda, a private company embroiled in a shareholder dispute that caused a deadlock within its decision-making bodies. The dispute reached the Supreme Court, which issued an important and precedential ruling. The Court accepted the company’s position and outlined the proper manner for managing and resolving shareholder disputes, as well as rules of thumb for dealing with deadlocks in private companies. These included the option to classify a director in a private company as having a "negative personal interest" and even the possibility of not bringing a transaction for approval before the board’s general meeting.

Categories: Litigation

Barnea: Representing Gencell in NIS 16 Million Lawsuit

Gal Livshits, Yatir Madar, and Liron Dahan from our firm’s Litigation Department are representing Gencell in a NIS 16 million lawsuit against the car importer EV Motors as well as Holon Motors. The suit alleges the defendants owe Gencell NIS 4.5 million for systems and equipment they purchased but did not pay for.

Categories: Litigation

Barnea: Appointment of Four New Partners

We are pleased to announce the appointment of four new partners – Inbar Gorelick from the Corporate Department, Zohar Haim Levinger from the Litigation Department, Hani Shraier from the Kibbutz Sector Department, and Eran Elharar from the Capital Markets Department.

New Workplace Guidelines on Privacy Protection: Dr. Avishay Klein’s Guide for Employers Published on Mako

Israel’s Privacy Protection Authority has published new guidelines on the collection of biometric information in the workplace. In response, Dr. Avishay Klein, the head of our firm’s Privacy, Data Protection and Cyber Department, has compiled a practical guide for employers on the subject The guide was published on Mako.

Categories: Employment | Privacy Law

Fintech: Dr. Zvi Gabbay Lectured at Reichman University

Dr. Zvi Gabbay, the head of our firm’s Capital Markets Department, lectured at Reichman University. In this lecture, he offered insights into the convergence of regulatory frameworks and fintech verticals, shedding light on how to navigate and comply with evolving regulatory conditions.

Categories: Capital Markets | FinTech

Barnea: Advising Tel Aviv University’s Student Exchange Program

Eyal Nachshon and Irit Brodsky, together with our firm’s administrative staff, is helping to guide Tel Aviv University’s student exchange program. As part of the program, the team met with Prof. Yishai Blank, the Dean of Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law.

Environmental Aspects of M&A Transactions: Lecture by Sagi Gross

Sagi Gross, a partner in our firm, lectured at Bar-Ilan University as part of a course on environmental law. He discussed the environmental aspects of M&A transactions

Categories: Environmental Law

Municipal Elections – Netta Bromberg Interview with TheMarker

Netta Bromberg, the head of our firm’s Employment Department, was interviewed by TheMarker about the rights of employees on Israel’s municipal election day. Netta discussed why the day is considered a statutory holiday and what wages employees are entitled to if they do work.

Categories: Employment

Micky Barnea Participated in Dun’s 100 Forum for Senior Legal Professionals

Micky Barnea, our firm’s managing partner, participated in a forum for senior legal professionals hosted by Dun’s 100. Micky noted, “The legal reform was a distraction we got swept away by. The main point of the government’s reform was to say ‘we’re doing what we want’ and to undermine legal gatekeepers along the way.”