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March 31, 2024

Pinui-Binui: Court Rules in Favor of Recalcitrant Tenants in Pinui-Binui Project

In an exceptional step, an Israeli court dismissed a claim filed by 243 residents against a couple in its 70s who refused to sign an agreement for a pinui-binui project. Part of the court’s rationale had to do with the couple’s age. Alon Wolner, a partner in our Real Estate Department, was interviewed by Globes about the case. Alon noted, “The court sided with the couple opposed to the project, even though they do not meet the law’s definition, and should not technically receive an elderly persons designation. The ruling thus provides an escape route, by allowing the couple to receive this designation, and enabling the project to proceed.”

April 8, 2024

Terry Almozlino Arnon Interviewed by Relevant about Third Apartment Tax

Terry Almozlino Arnon, the head our firm’s Real Estate Department, was interviewed by new Israeli media channel Relevant about renewed plans for a third apartment tax. She noted, “Reducing purchase tax will stimulate the market. A serious boost of encouragement is needed, even for a short period.”

March 13, 2024

Terry Almozlino Arnon Attends Dun’s 100 Real Estate Forum

Terry Almozlino Arnon attended the Dun’s 100 forum for senior legal professionals in the real estate field. She noted, "Real estate is a main artery in the economy and there is no area it does not touch. A real estate slowdown simulates a clogging of the arteries, and just as the body cannot survive long in such a state, neither can the economy." To continue reading, click here.

February 1, 2024

Critique of Proposed Amendment to Real Estate Taxation Law – Terry Almozlino Arnon Interview with ICE

"The goals of the amendment are important, but this is not the way to achieve them." Terry spoke with ICE about the Ministry of Finance's plan to impose additional burdens on the market for investment apartment buyers with the hope to increase housing supply and reduce prices. "To invigorate the real estate market, specific incentives, such as mortgage benefits, should be implemented," Terry proposed instead.

December 25, 2023

Barnea: Representing Aviv Group in Investment Transaction

Ilan Blumenfeld, Terry Almozlino Arnon, Alon Wolner, and Daniel Kleinman represented Aviv Group in a ILS 45 million investment by Menora Mivtachim in Aviv Group’s ILS 1.2 billion skyscraper project in Herzliya.

December 11, 2023

Barnea: Counsel in Israel’s Most Expensive Real Estate Transaction in October 2023

Alon Wolner and Shoval Mandel, provided legal representation in the purchase of a Tel Aviv penthouse for over ILS 22 million. This was the most expensive real estate transaction in Israel in the month of October.

November 12, 2023

Operation Swords of Iron: Rise in Diaspora Jews Purchasing Real Estate in Israel

Recently, and against the backdrop of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, there has been an increasing number of diaspora Jews purchasing apartments and properties in Israel. Along with other experts in the field, Liat Keisary, the head of our firm’s Private Clients Department, was interviewed by Ynet for an article on the subject. Liat explained that this trend, along with the weakening of the shekel, is expected to lead to a sharp increase in the purchase of luxury properties in Israel.

September 13, 2023

What to Know about Joining a Purchasing Group – Alon Wolner Interview with Bizportal

For years, the purchasing group trend made transactions to purchase an apartment more viable. Today, as part of the drive to deal with sky-high housing prices, the trend has seen a resurgence. As an expert in the real estate field, Alon Wolner was interviewed by Bizportal on the subject.  Alon noted that “naturally, when there is an attempt to lower prices, creative solutions are sought, but we should remain aware of the risks inherent in purchasing groups.”

July 15, 2023

Representing Aviv Group in ILS 1.1 Billion Financing Agreement

Terry Almozlino Arnon, Alon Wolner, and Nadav Shoshan represented Aviv Group in a financing agreement for the purchase of land for the construction of 733 housing units in Herzliya. The scope of the financing agreement is over NIS 1.1 billion.

July 17, 2023

Barnea: Representing 120 Apartment Owners in Pinui-Binui Project against Three Recalcitrant Owners

Lawyers from our firm’s Real Estate Department, are advising apartment owners in a residential complex designated for pinui-binui in Herzliya. They represented a group of about 120 apartment owners in court against three recalcitrant owners who are objecting to the project due to their demand for higher recompense from the contractor. The court made the extraordinary decision to order the recalcitrant owners to pay NIS 7.8 million in compensation (NIS 2.6 million apiece). In addition, each recalcitrant owner was ordered to pay NIS 20,000 for legal expenses.

May 18, 2023

Terry Almozlino Arnon Op-Ed: Supreme Court Rules to Invalidate Artificial Agreements

In a new ruling, the Supreme Court takes a step forward in declaring artificial agreements as invalid and illegal. (An artificial agreement is an agreement in which there is a discrepancy between the apparent agreements of the parties, as embodied in the contract, and their true will and intention.) Terry Almozlino Arnon, head of our firm’s Commercial Real Estate Department, sheds light on the subject in an op-ed for Globes.

April 2, 2023

Dissolution of Real Estate Partnership: Terry Almozlino Op-Ed in Globes

A recent Supreme Court ruling found that during the dissolution of a real estate partnership, it is preferable to issue a decision already during the pre-trial hearing. As an expert in the field of commercial real estate, firm partner Terry Almozlino Arnon published an op-ed in Globes analyzing the ruling.

February 23, 2023

Terry Almozlino Arnon Participates in Dun’s 100 Real Estate Forum

Terry Almozlino Arnon, head of our firm’s Commercial Real Estate Department, participated in the Dun’s 100 forum for senior legal professionals in the real estate field. The forum brought the professionals together to address burning issues in the industry. Topics of discussion this year included Israel’s housing crisis and the continued increase in interest rates.

December 5, 2022

Hagit Ben Moshe Interview with TheMarker on Purchasing Agricultural Land

Israel’s housing crisis has increased the attractiveness of purchasing unimproved agricultural land. Hagit Ben Moshe, head of the firm’s Kibbutz Sector Department, was interviewed by TheMarker on the complexities of purchasing such land for investment. She shed light on the many risks that can accompany these types of deals.

December 4, 2022

Closing a Deal – Transaction Closing in the World of Malls and Chain Stores

Terry Almozlino-Arnon, Alon Wolner, and Irit Brodsky are participating in a panel on how to successfully complete mall real estate transactions and commercial tenders. The panel is being held as part of the Israel Mall Chain Store Conference held in Eilat.

November 28, 2022

Institutional Entities Investing in Urban Renewal – Success Story?

Will an alliance develop between urban renewal companies and the capital market? Elad Reshtick, a partner in our firm’s Capital Markets Department, addresses the issue in an op-ed for Calcalist.

November 22, 2022

Real Estate: Slowdown of Israel Building Inputs Price Index Affecting Buyers

In the last three months, Israel's Building Inputs Price Index rose by only 0.1%, affecting both apartment buyers and contractors. As part of a Globes interview with experts in the real estate field, Terry Almozlino Arnon, head of our firm's Commercial Real Estate Department, discussed the importance of Amendment 9 to the Sales Law (Apartments).

November 7, 2022

Podcast: Adv. Harel Perlmutter Talks Real Estate Taxation on "Kesef Bakir"

Taxation can make or break real estate deals. Harel Perlmutter, head of our firm's Tax Department, talks with Guy Lieberman about tax hitches and opportunities in an interview also published on Globes.  

September 4, 2022

Responding to ITA Solution for TAMA 38 Tax Benefits

The Israel Tax Authority announced a temporary solution for the problem of tax benefits in TAMA 38 projects. Our firm commented on the proposed solution.

July 11, 2022

Israel's New Urban Renewal Plan – When and What?

Last week, the Knesset approved Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked's new urban renewal plan in second and third readings. The new plan will replace Tama 38, the national outline plan for strengthening existing structures against earthquakes. What are the main points of the new urban renewal plan? How will it be implemented and until when can projects be promoted within the framework of Tama 38? Read Globe's new article.