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December 19, 2018

ITA Sharpens Procedures in Wake of New Tax Circular

Adv. Micky Barnea was featured in a follow-up article in Globes about the Income Tax Authority's new circular that changes the tax policy relating to capital-based compensation dependent on performance. According to Barnea, "The new circular stipulates that options allocated under an approved plan, submitted lawfully to the Tax Authority, may be discovered on judgment day as not being entitled to reduced capital taxation."

December 18, 2018

High-Tech Earthquake: Tax on Exercising Options for Employees Will Increase Upon Exit or Issue

Adv. Daniel Lorber, the head of our firm's Equity Incentives practice field, was interviewed by Globes on the Israel Tax Authority's latest decision. Instead of a capital gains tax rate of 25% on options granted to employees for exercise in the event of an exit or issue, the proceeds from such exercise will now be considered labor income, and therefore the tax liability may rise to 50%.

November 20, 2017

Workshop: Guidelines for Equity-Based Plans

Barnea is hosting today together with barneaXcrossing and ESOP Excellence, a morning workshop on equity-based plans for entrepreneurs and technological startups. Micky Barnea, Managing Partner, will discuss options plans for partners and employees.