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Emojis Are Going Legal – Daphna Klein Op-Ed Calcalist

The use of emojis is expanding, redefining the bounds of interpersonal communication. For instance, a Canadian court recently determined that a text message with a thumbs-up emoji was considered as valid acceptance of contractual terms. Read Daphna Klein’s op-ed on the case in Calcalist.

What to Know about Joining a Purchasing Group – Alon Wolner Interview with Bizportal

For years, the purchasing group trend made transactions to purchase an apartment more viable. Today, as part of the drive to deal with sky-high housing prices, the trend has seen a resurgence. As an expert in the real estate field, Alon Wolner was interviewed by Bizportal on the subject.  Alon noted that “naturally, when there is an attempt to lower prices, creative solutions are sought, but we should remain aware of the risks inherent in purchasing groups.”

Categories: Real Estate

Back to Work in the Office – Netta Bromberg Interview with TheMarker

The pandemic is over and employers are demanding employees return from remote work back to the office, despite some employees’ reluctance. Netta Bromberg, the head of our firm’s Employment Department, was interviewed by TheMarker for an article on the subject. Netta noted, “Not every change in employment conditions constitutes a worsening of conditions, especially not an evident one, that allows an employee to qualify for resignation as dismissal. The employer has a workplace and a business to manage, and he has the authority to manage it as he sees fit, including demanding that employees work from the office.”

Categories: Employment

Successful and Proactive Institutional Activism in Israel

Following a lengthy battle by the majority shareholders in Megureit, led by Phoenix Group and More Investment House, a significant reduction was made to the REIT fund’s management fees. The agreement was reached after an institutional activist struggle, including a petition to the court and a demand for a special shareholders’ meeting. Phoenix and More were represented by firm partners Zohar Lande and Hagit Ross, with additional assistance from Shachar Rothschild, Alon Anava, Tzofiya Shenfeld, and Ronit Lerer.

Categories: Capital Markets | Litigation

Compliance Forum: Israeli Association of Corporate Counsel Webinar

We held, together with the Israeli Association of Corporate Counsel, a webinar focused on compliance. Dr. Zvi Gabbay gave a lecture entitled, “What Do Regulators Want to See? Training and Implementation of Compliance Procedures.” Anat Shubat from our firm, along with Ella Chertok from ICL Group, explained how to combine creative thinking with best practices in compliance trainings.

Categories: Capital Markets | Compliance

Collective Labor Law: Lecture at Israel Bar Association’s Midrasha

Netta Bromberg, the head of our firm's Employment Department, lectured to a professional study course at the Israel Bar Association’s Midrasha – National Attorney's Academy. The lecture addressed expansion orders and collective bargaining agreements. Netta also touched on conducting legal analysis during due diligence procedures.

Categories: Employment

Advising on a ILS 300 Million Issuance of a New Series of Bonds

Elad Reshtick, Omri Oren, and Raz Landau represented Mediterranean Towers Ltd. in a ILS 300 million issuance of a new series of bonds held earlier this week. The company received offers for approximately ILS 533 million in the institutional phase.

Categories: Capital Markets

Insolvency: Debt Settlements on the Rise

Idan Miller, the coordinator of our firm’s insolvency and corporate recovery practice, was interviewed by Globes about the wave of companies in financial distress. Idan noted that “what we’re seeing in the newspapers is only the tip of the iceberg.”  According to Idan, a large number of unpublicized debt settlements are currently underway in contracting, high-tech, and security procurement companies.

Categories: Insolvency and Debt Arrangements

Business Today's List of Influential Startup Lawyers

Business Today has ranked Itay Gura on its list of the ten most influential lawyers in the startups and growing companies field in Israel.

Categories: High Tech | Start Ups

Barnea: Representing Chargeflow in USD 14 Million Seed Round

Yuval Lazi and Nofar Rose David represented Chargeflow, a startup using AI to fight chargeback fraud, in an investment led by the VC firm OpenView Venture Partners.

Categories: Corporate

Barnea: Representing Bareket in NIS 20 Million Lawsuit

Shai Avnieli and Omer Ungar are representing Bareket in a lawsuit the construction company Longshine has filed against it. Longshine, which served as the main contractor in a project initiated by Bareket, was nine months late in delivery of the project. As a result, Bareket deducted approximately NIS 10 million from the construction account. 

Categories: Litigation | Real Estate Litigation

Incorporation of a Company in a Foreign Country: What Should Be Taken into Account?

In an interview with Calcalist, Ken Shaked advises on the primary considerations for when a company decides where to incorporate, applicable law for companies that choose to incorporate abroad, related costs, and the tax considerations companies should seriously mull over.

Categories: Corporate

Crypto: PayPal Launches USD-Based Stablecoin

As an expert in the field, Globes interviewed Dr. Zvi Gabbay, the head of our firm’s Capital Markets Department, on PayPal’s decision to launch a stablecoin backed by the US dollar.

Categories: Capital Markets

Law.com: Israel's Legal Community Braces for Impact of Government's Judicial Overhaul

In light of the Israeli government’s proposed reform to the judicial system, Law.com, an industry-leading media platform, spoke with key figures in the Israeli business and legal community to understand the potential effects of these changes on the practice of law. Micky Barnea, our firm’s managing partner, was invited to share his insights. To read the full article and Micky’s interview, please click here.

Categories: Corporate | International Law

Barnea: Representing Client in NIS 11 Million Lawsuit

Our firm is representing Adi Nahum, a partner in the Contempo real estate group, and several companies owned by him, in an NIS 11 million claim for monetary relief and other remedies, including the removal of minority oppression and a declaratory judgment of ownership rights in companies in Contempo against the company's owner, Shahar Raz, and other companies in the group. Contempo oversees dozens of urban renewal projects in sought-after neighborhoods in central Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Givat Shmuel, Ra’anana, Bat Yam, and Ramat Hasharon.


Categories: Litigation

Barnea: Advising Anise on Corporate Recovery Plan

Idan Miller and Liron Dahan are advising Anise on a corporate recovery plan, after the natural products chain fell into an approximately ILS 22.9 million debt. As part of this process, our firm submitted a request to the district court to appoint a trustee and approve a debt arrangement. Anise’s debts accumulated due to branch expansion and an increase in interest rates. The chain is now working to implement its all-encompassing corporate recovery plan, which includes closing unprofitable branches, closing a packaging plant in Kiryat Anavim, improving efficiency, and further reductions.

Categories: Insolvency and Debt Arrangements

Stock Market Skeletons: How to Properly Execute a Merger

Hagit Ross, a partner in our firm’s Capital Markets Department, was interviewed by TheMarker on the phenomenon of companies going public via mergers with stock market skeletons.

Categories: Capital Markets | IPOs and Public Offerings

Capital Markets: The Dangers of Misleading Stock Market Filings

Elad Reshtick’s op-ed in TheMarker examines the dangers of companies disclosing marketing and sales updates in the guise of stock market filings, in order to attract investors.

Categories: Capital Markets | Public Companies

Artificial Intelligence in the Office: How to Do It Right

Advs. Netta Bromberg and Dr. Avishay Klein were interviewed by Yedioth Ahronoth and gave tips to employers regarding the correct use of artificial intelligence in workplaces.

Categories: AI Regulation | Employment

Barnea: Representing 120 Apartment Owners in Pinui-Binui Project against Three Recalcitrant Owners

Lawyers from our firm’s Real Estate Department, are advising apartment owners in a residential complex designated for pinui-binui in Herzliya. They represented a group of about 120 apartment owners in court against three recalcitrant owners who are objecting to the project due to their demand for higher recompense from the contractor. The court made the extraordinary decision to order the recalcitrant owners to pay NIS 7.8 million in compensation (NIS 2.6 million apiece). In addition, each recalcitrant owner was ordered to pay NIS 20,000 for legal expenses.

Categories: Real Estate | Real Estate Litigation | Urban Renewal
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