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June 10, 2024

Barnea: Representing QDM in Transaction with Israel Electric Corporation

Ken Shaked and Nir Alter represented the startup company QDM (Quantum Design Materials) in a transaction with the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC). As part of the transaction, the IEC invested USD 1.1 million in QDM, which develops room-temperature superconductors. In addition, QDM and the IEC signed a cooperation agreement allowing the IEC to conduct a pilot to examine the applicability and suitability of QDM’s innovative technology for its needs.

June 6, 2024

Barnea: Serving as Legal Partner of MaofTech, Northern Negev Accelerator

Our firm is proud to serve as the legal partner of MaofTech, an accelerator program for early-stage startups in the Northern Negev region, and to provide legal services to its various ventures. MaofTech is operated by the Ministry of Economy and Industry’s Agency for Small and Medium Businesses. Its aim is to encourage, promote, and develop businesses in Sderot and the communities of the Gaza Envelope.

March 31, 2024

Representing One Peak in USD 100 Million Financing Round

Simon Jaffa, Yuval Lazi, Mayer Winkler, Tal Freilich, Nofar Rose David, and Dana Ben Yehuda from our firm's Corporate Department represented UK-based investment management firm One Peak Partners in its investment in Coro, an Israeli cybersecurity startup.

December 7, 2023

Effect of Israel-Hamas War on Israeli Startups

In a recent interview with Calcalist, Itay Gura, a partner and the head of our firm’s startup practice, provided insight into how the Israel-Hamas war is affecting Israeli startups, and offered a nuanced perspective on the evolving tech landscape. Itay concluded the interview by noting the potential pathways and opportunities emerging for Israeli startups amidst the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict.

August 13, 2023

Business Today's List of Influential Startup Lawyers

Business Today has ranked Itay Gura on its list of the ten most influential lawyers in the startups and growing companies field in Israel.

June 29, 2023

Doing Business in Israel: Lecture by Yuval Lazi

Today, we hosted a group of foreign entrepreneurs, who arrived in Israel as part of a delegation organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As part of the event, Yuval Lazi lectured on the legal challenges of doing business in Israel and how to get it right.

June 16, 2023

Inbar Gorelick Lectures to “Female Entrepreneurs on Campus” at Tel Aviv University

Adv. Inbar Gorelick was invited to Tel Aviv University to lecture as part of the “Female Entrepreneurs on Campus” project Inbar discussed what to take into consideration when incorporating a company, the importance of founders agreement and intellectual property protection.

May 17, 2023

Representing CryptoHub in USD 6 Million Fundraising Round

Itay Gura and Inbar Katzir advised Cryptohub, which offers crypto trading tools and innovations to improve the average crypto trader's experience, throughout the course of a USD 6 million investment round. The round was led by Tectona, the only public company that focuses its activities on the adoption of blockchain technologies.

March 28, 2023

Barnea: Supporting ReCombinate Program

We are happy to be a partner in the ReCombinant program, an AB InBev-TAU Ventures collaboration dedicated to fostering pilot activity and joint RD. The program is supported by the Israel Innovation Authority.

March 28, 2023

Barnea: Representing Daily.dev in USD 11 Million Seed Funding Round

Itay Gura and Inbar Katzir represented the Israeli startup Daily.dev in a USD 11 million seed funding round. The company aims to build the world’s largest professional network for the global developer community.

January 9, 2023

Hosting Entrepreneurs from jumpTAU Accelerator

Our firm hosted entrepreneurs participating in the jumpTAU program of Tel Aviv University’s Entrepreneurship Center. In this framework, Yuval Lazi lectured on founders' agreement and financing startups, while Anat Even-Chen lectured on setting up a website and the privacy issues that entrepreneurs must address at the very beginning.

January 10, 2023

Lecture: Investment Agreements

As part of our firm's collaboration with the Jewish-Arab accelerator jumpTAU at Tel Aviv University, Adv. Yuval Lazi lectured to entrepreneurs in the accelerator. During the lecture, Yuval provided legal tools to entrepreneurs and discussed how to avoid mistakes before signing investment agreements.

September 19, 2022

Barnea: Representing Israeli Startup in Initial Funding Round of USD 17 million

Itay Gura and Inbar Katzir represented the startup Winn.AI in an initial funding round of USD 17 million. Winn.AI offers a real-time AI assistant that helps sales teams win more deals with less hassle through its innovative real-time tracking, capturing, and CRM updating features.

June 23, 2022

The Technologies Encouraging Consumers to Return to Malls

"The day we walk around with robots in stores, or when a shopping cart walks through the supermarket for us and tell us we are passing by a product we have purchased in the past and that is now on sale, is not far away." Adv. Yuval Lazi, head of our firm's International Corporate Department, was interviewed by Globes about retail-tech technologies.

June 7, 2022

Pitch Day: IBM Alpha Zone

As part of our firm's collaboration with the IBM Alpha Zone accelerator, Advs. from our firm took part in the judging panel that examined the eleven startup companies participating in the venture. They also talked to the entrepreneurs about technological ideas, business plans, and innovation.

May 16, 2022

Everything Beginner Entrepreneurs Need to Know: Tal Freilich Hai Lectures at Aspire Pre-Accelerator

Aspire is a program of Azrieli College, intended for women entrepreneurs making their first steps in the business world. Adv. Tal Freilich Hai lectured to program participants on founders’ agreements.

March 10, 2022

Manpower Challenges and Existing Tech Solutions

Many organizations are facing manpower issues related to recruiting and retaining employees. This has led to a sharp rise in HR tech. Globes interviewed experts from the technology field, among them Adv. Daniel Lorber, a partner at our firm. Daniel noted there are a variety of solutions for existing challenges: artificial intelligence platforms that detect bias and discrimination against candidates or that know how to read employee work patterns, augmented reality technologies that allow candidates to “see inside” an organization before deciding to join, and tools that can warn a company about employee burnout or an employee’s intention to leave the company.

January 20, 2022

Legal Tools Workshop for Entrepreneurs in EdTech Program

Our firm represents EdTech Israel, a project to promote technological innovation in the fields of education and learning. In a meeting held today, Itay Gura and Yuval Lazi lectured to the venture's participants on founders’ agreements, intellectual property, and financing agreements, respectively.

January 4, 2022

jumpTAU Accelerator and Barnea Embark on New Cycle

A new cycle of the jumpTAU accelerator program, from Tel Aviv University, has begun. The accelerator supports multicultural ventures, in an effort to promote cooperation between Arab and Jewish entrepreneurs. Our firm advises the accelerator as part of a broad collaboration with Tel Aviv University. In a meeting held today, four of our attorneys lectured to the entrepreneurs on a number of relevant topics.  Itay Gura lectured on startup financing and Anat Even-Chen lectured on website regulations and privacy policies.

December 20, 2021

Legal Tools for Your Venture’s Success

Yuval Lazi will lecture today on the necessary legal tools to ensure a venture’s success, as part of the entrepreneurship program WE - Women Entrepreneurship. WE is a community that promotes women (mainly female students and alumni) in the entrepreneurship field. It operates on various campuses, including Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, Bar-Ilan University, Ben-Gurion University, the Technion, Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), and the College of Management.