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Shiri Ittelman
Shiri Ittelman

Electra City Tower
58 Harakevet St.
Tel Aviv

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Shiri Ittelman

Shiri is the firm’s CFO.

Shiri joined the firm in 2017 as its head of finance. She is in charge of all process management, including reporting and control, computing, operations, and procurement.


Shiri has rich experience in managing teams, streamlining and managing processes through both technological tools and their implementation, information and knowledge management, working with clients and suppliers, and the planning and control of various issues, including finance, HR, and schedules.


Prior to joining the firm, Shiri worked as the head of the finance and budget control department at a leading company. She previously served as an officer in Israel’s standing army as Project Management Office


Bachelor of Science, Ben Gurion University, 2005

Practice areas:
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