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May 19, 2024

Court Ruling Could Change the Status of Lump-Sum Contracts

Contracts in the construction sector utilize various models for calculating the consideration. These models range from contracts aimed at maximizing accuracy to contracts aimed at maximizing certainty. A new Israeli court ruling creates ambiguity between the models and adversely impacts the status of lump-sum contracts.

May 13, 2024

Tax: Classification of Intercompany Transactions

A tax assessment dispute in Israel has led to a new court ruling dealing with relationships between subsidiaries in a multinational group and classification of the nature of the business activities that the companies provide to each other.

May 13, 2024

The Netherlands: New Data Scraping Guidelines

The Dutch Data Protection Authority strictly interprets GDPR regarding data scraping, stating that data scraping will almost always be illegal.

May 12, 2024

Employment: When Is It Permissible to Fire an Employee Due to Posts on Social Media?

The Regional Labor Court dismissed the claim of an employee who was terminated shortly after Hamas’s October 7 attack, after posting verses from the Quran interpreted as incitement to terrorism. As an expert in labor law, Globes interviewed Netta Bromberg on the ruling. She noted, “This is a ruling of considerable complexity, as it deals not only with legal matters but also with issues of interpretation and cultural context—a multifaceted and weighty subject.”

May 9, 2024

Representing T-Rex Group and Finsight

Itay Gura, Mayer Winkler, and Inbar Katzir represented both T-Rex Group and Finsight in the sale of all the assets of T-Rex, a pioneering startup specializing in private credit, to Finsight, an American fintech company.

May 9, 2024

Supreme Court: Metpro DMY Tender Win for M1 Metro Line Stands

Zohar Lande and Shai Avnieli represented Metpro DMY in an administrative appeal submitted to the Supreme Court, in which another bidder attempted to disqualify Metpro’s win in the tender for the management and planning of the M1 metro line. The Supreme Court accepted the district court’s position, recommending that the appellant withdraw its appeal and reach an agreement with Metpro regarding legal expenses.

May 8, 2024

Barnea: Participating in Bar-Ilan University Environmental Law Hackathon

Anat Even-Chen introduced the environmental law hackathon and assisted Bar-Ilan University students in formulating their project proposals, which were presented for judging today before Dr. Zvi Gabbay.

May 8, 2024

Significant Sanctions: Anti-Money Laundering Obligations in Israel

The Israel Securities Authority is tightening enforcement on companies, especially in the cryptographic assets sector, and is scrutinizing companies’ anti-money laundering procedures and policies and their implementation.

May 8, 2024

Transaction: Shinez Acquisition by Team Internet Group plc

Simon Jaffa, Itay Gura, Inbar Katzir, and Avihay Asulin represented Shinez, a prominent digital marketing company, in its acquisition by Team Internet Group plc., a leading international online marketing and media corporation, for USD 41.8 million.

May 7, 2024

Webinar: Competition Authorities’ Recent Actions May Also Affect You. How Should You Prepare?

Our firm and the Israeli Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC Israel) co-hosted a webinar on competition law. The webinar featured the Israel Competition Authority’s Deputy Legal Counsel, who reviewed the latest developments in competition law enforcement, including from the ICA’s perspective.  

May 6, 2024

Using a Name without Permission: Privacy Infringement

An Israeli court ordered the McDonald’s fast food chain to pay ILS 40,000 to Maayan Parti, a consumer reporter for Israel’s Channel 12 News, after McDonald’s used the reporter’s name without her consent in an advertising campaign for the chain’s ice cream.

May 1, 2024

Bipartisan Federal Privacy Act Proposed in US

Developed for over two years, the American Privacy Rights Act proposes establishing a nationwide standard for privacy and data security, to empower individuals to control their personal information, as part of their right to privacy.

May 1, 2024

Potential ICC Arrest Warrants – Prof. Amichai Cohen Interviewed on “One a Day” Podcast

Prof. Amichai Cohen and Channel 12 news correspondent Yaron Avraham were featured on Elad Simchayoff’s “One a Day” podcast to discuss the International Criminal Court’s potential arrest warrants for senior Israeli officials over the war in Gaza.

April 25, 2024

Employment Law: Workers’ Rights during Passover

Lior Girshevitz, an associate in our firm’s Employment Department, was interviewed by N12 for its guide on workers’ rights during the Passover holiday. Lior noted, “There is no legal obligation requiring an employer to make the workplace kosher for Passover. Consequently, an employee has no legal right not to come to the workplace even if it is not kosher according to Jewish law.”

April 21, 2024

New Class Action Bill: Eyal Nachshon Interview with Globes

A new bill seeks to oblige would-be plaintiffs to send letters of complaint to potential defendants before filing a class action motion. Eyal Nachshon, a partner in our firm’s Litigation Department and an expert on class action lawsuits, was interviewed by Globes about his position on the bill. Eyal believes the proposed model “will only strengthen the institution of class actions.”

April 15, 2024

Majority Shareholders, CEOs, and Board Chairmen – Interview with Micky Barnea

With the Amir brothers’ entry to Shufersal, they appointed close associates to management positions as well as board directors on their behalf. This move has sparked debate about control and management in public companies and the blending of roles between CEO, board chairman, and majority shareholder. As an expert on corporate governance and shareholder struggles, Micky Barnea, our firm’s managing partner, was interviewed by TheMarker on the matter.

April 10, 2024

Barnea: Webinar on Regulation of Payment and Payment Initiation Services Law

Our firm hosted a webinar on the new payment services law. The webinar was held as part of a forum for financial service providers that we launched together with Adv. Orit Yosef. During the webinar, Dr. Zvi Gabbay and Anat Even-Chen discussed the conditions for obtaining a license, the relationship between payment services and open banking services, and more.

April 10, 2024

National Insurance: Amos Rosenzweig Interviewed by Bizportal about NII Deficit

Amos Rosenzweig, a former general counsel of the National Insurance Institute who leads our firm’s national insurance practice, was interviewed by Bizportal about the NII’s actuarial deficit. “2036 may look far away,” Amos noted, “but it’s sooner than it seems.”  

April 8, 2024

Terry Almozlino Arnon Interviewed by Relevant about Third Apartment Tax

Terry Almozlino Arnon, the head our firm’s Real Estate Department, was interviewed by new Israeli media channel Relevant about renewed plans for a third apartment tax. She noted, “Reducing purchase tax will stimulate the market. A serious boost of encouragement is needed, even for a short period.”

April 2, 2024

Barnea: Hosting IIRF Conference on Future of Stock Market Trading

We were pleased to host the Israel Investor Relations Forum’s conference on the future of stock market trading. A one-on-one conversation was held between Micah Stocks, a financial YouTuber who presents stock market news, and Rami Rozen, Director of Investor Relations at AppsFlyer and a member of the IIRF’s regulatory committee. Dr. Zvi Gabbay, the head of our firm’s Capital Markets Department, also spoke.