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What happens if a contractor’s workers do not come to work due to the spread of the coronavirus, and therefore cause delays in the delivery ? Will the buyer be entitled to compensation or will the delay be justifiable?
Categories: Real Estate
A recent judgment by the Hadera Magistrate's Court holds that modifications to an apartment made at a purchaser's request do not constitute just cause for late delivery and that the purchaser must be compensated for any delay.
Categories: Real Estate | Real Estate Transactions
The Tel Aviv District Court handed down a decision a few days ago rejecting the Israel Tax Authority’s (ITA) position on the conveyance of real estate properties to trusts. This decision dramatically changes the taxation of trusts in Israel.
Categories: Private Clients | Real Estate | Tax
The Supreme Court recently heard a case on the cancellation of expropriation and ruled that public interest prevails over the damage caused to landowners.
Categories: Real Estate
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