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Blockchain and Digital Currencies Regulation

Over 10 years have passed since blockchain entered our lives, and there is no doubt it is revolutionary. Blockchain is an innovative technology that enables the storage and use of information in ways we did not know. It is the technology at the basis of most digital currencies. Today, digital currencies are subject to regulatory rules. These change depending on the classification of those currencies, the country in which they are used, and the planned activity.


We know it is hard to keep up with constantly adapting developments and regulations, both locally and globally. So, we prepared a short video for those involved in the digital currencies field, whether by launching, selling, or buying cryptocurrencies and other relevant products. 






Dr. Zvi Gabbay, is the head of Barnes Jaffa Lande’s Capital Markets Department. He previously served as head of enforcement and a member of management of the Israel Securities Authority. In this short video, he examines digital currencies and recent developments in the field. 


So what is a blockchain, what are tokens, and how does blockchain technology affect the capital market? Learn the answers here.


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