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Sick Pay from First Day for Employees with Malignant Diseases

Under the Sick Pay Law, employers must pay for sick days starting on the second day an employee is absent. The pay is 50% of the employee’s normal salary for the second and third days of absence, and full pay starting from the fourth day of absence.


The Amendment to the Sick Pay Law will become effective on June 1, 2022. Under this amendment, an employee suffering from a malignant disease (cancer) or a condition that requires regular dialysis treatments, or who recovered from such a disease, is eligible for full sick pay (100%) from the first day of his or her absence, if he or she is on leave from work to receive care or undergo periodic examinations for that condition.


In any case, the law does not require payments beyond the maximum eligibility period it stipulates (90 calendar days).


Employees wishing to exercise this right must submit a sick note confirming the necessity of treatment or examination because of their condition.


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