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Amutot and PBCs Set to Independently Update Details and Information

The Israeli website “GuideStar,” which provides information about Amutot (One of the common types of non-profit organizations in Israel) and PBCs, launched a new and important interface that enables these organizations to independently update their details and information.


This upgrade is part of the Israeli Ministry of Justice’s extensive streamlining program, which includes a transition to performing operations via an online system.


The new interface now enables any Amutah or PBC in Israel to update its own details. These include the locations of branches and service centers, the organization’s contact details, projects and services the organization provides to the general public, new media channels operated by the organization, and additional important information. Such updates will be made by the organization’s authorized reporting officers via the government identification system and the tab called “information updates.”


The updating of details will be performed for the benefit of the target audience served by the organization. This audience will benefit from easy access to necessary and interesting information compiled in a single platform. Initially, the updated information will be presented as voluntary information and then, at a later stage, it is expected to be synchronized with government databases and other websites dedicated to facilitating the Israeli public’s access to information.

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