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Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection: ILS 3 Million Sanction on Shufersal

The Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection announced this week its imposition of a pecuniary sanction totaling about ILS 3 million on the leading supermarket chain Shufersal for violations of the Clean Air Law. (In particular, the company violated provisions mandating the reduction and prevention of air pollution from its vehicles).


The ministry handed down the ruling at the close of an oversight and enforcement proceeding it conducted after discovering Shufersal had committed numerous violations of the statutory provisions requiring the use of alternative means of propulsion, training, and certification in economical driving. The ministry further discovered the supermarket chain had violated its reporting obligations and its obligation to appoint a contact on behalf of the company regarding compliance with the law’s provisions.


According to the announcement, Shufersal also committed additional violations, such as failure to submit an economical driving training program to the ministry and failure to publicize data pertaining to the annual report of emissions from its fleet of vehicles.


In light of its cumulative violations, the ministry imposed a pecuniary sanction on Shufersal at the inclusive total of about ILS 3 million. A senior member of the ministry’s oversight and enforcement department stated in the announcement that “the responsibility for complying with the law and for environmental protection applies to all bodies, both public and private, in order to protect public health and the environment. Shufersal failed to comply with the statutory provisions and therefore it was fined.”



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