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While the activity of most financial intermediaries in Israel is regulated and supervised, broker-dealers have so far operated in an unsupervised manner and without dedicated regulation. In light of this, the Israel Securities Authority has published a legislative memorandum aimed at regulating the field of broker-dealers in Israel.
Categories: Regulation
The Israel Securities Authority will soon require public companies to disclose details about independent committees tasked with overseeing transactions with controlling shareholders. The staff position was put together due to the increased need for supervision and oversight of decision-making processes in transactions between public companies and their controlling shareholders.
Categories: Regulation
As part of a broad change led by the Ministry of Finance to increase competition in the banking and financial services market, a memorandum for the Provision of Financial Information Services Law was recently published for public comments.
Categories: Banking & Finance | Capital Markets | Capital Markets Regulation
Special coronavirus-related emergency regulations were promulgated in Israel on March 21, 2020, listing specific economic activities considered as essential that are allowed to operate with fewer limitations.
Categories: Corporate | Regulation
The ISA's commission for examining the regulation necessary for the advancement of digital markets published a report that focuses on platforms for the issuing, trading, and clearing of securities that make use of blockchain technology.
Categories: Blockchain | Capital Markets | Capital Markets Regulation
The Governmental Cyber Security Unit has published a new directive according to which material service providers to government, infrastructure, and finance bodies will be required to adopt a common and unified standard for cyber protection.
Categories: Cyber | Regulation
The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) recently published an advisory document for public comment ahead of the publication of a legal memorandum for the regulation of the securitization field in Israel.
Categories: Capital Markets | IPOs and Public Offerings
Bank of Israel published a position paper with respect to the activity of banks' payment apps in the B2C market. The position paper is the conclusion of a long battle waged by credit card companies against the banks.
Categories: Banking & Finance | Financial Regulation | FinTech | Regulation
After a long wait, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has permitted a startup company to raise funds from the general public through a supervised security token offering (STO) under Reg A+ regulations. Effectively, this is the first time a public STO was granted regulatory approval in the United States.
Categories: Blockchain | Capital Markets
The Israel Securities Authority (ISA) recently published a proposal for amending the Securities Law as to the supervision of underwriters and distributors.
Categories: Capital Markets | IPOs and Public Offerings
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