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Israel has won the lottery but does not take advantage of it

The business world is desperate for certainty, especially in the industries where investments of billions of dollars are required in order to build infrastructure such as the gas production - by  Micky Barnea, TheMarker.

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IFLR 1000 - 2014

IFLR commented as follows: “Barnea & Co's focus in transactional work is M&A and project finance. Clients say in both areas the firm's partners are highly capable and talented individuals, singling out name and managing partner Michael Barnea and Simon Jaffa, who works across both areas. "Simon is knowledgeable, very skilled and a pleasure to work with," says one international project finance client. "He understands the business well and is very familiar with the market and thus will always seek the most advantageous, cost-effective solution, while at the same time giving you insight on the local-specific issues that you may overlook being from abroad. I cannot recommend him strongly enough." Another who mandates Jaffa on M&A says: "[He's a] great business lawyer - decisive, innovative and responsive." Barnea is also appreciated by corporate clients: "He's very practical and incisive and always constructive with his advice." The strong feedback the firm receives and a respectable portfolio of work across both areas sees the firm join the M&A and project finance rankings.”

Barnea & Co. continues to support MyIsrael

Barnea delighted to be associated with MyIsrael and to support MyIsrael charitable projects in Israel.

World Tax - 2014

Barnea was ranked by the World Tax, the International Tax Review's directory to the leading tax advisory firms around the world, as a leading tax firm in Israel.


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8.5 years in jail to the former treasurer of kibbutz Shefayim

The former treasurer of kibbutz Shefayim and his wife were convicted of stealing 16.5 million NIS from the kibbutz and sentenced to  8.5 years in jail. The kibbutz members are still hoping that Adv. Zohar Lande will recover the money that the family is still hiding.

Categories: Litigation

Online Gambling Panel

On November 18th, the Israel Bar will hold a panel in respect of online gambling. Our Head of Barnea's internet and e-commerce department, will participate in the panel.

Categories: Internet

Barnea & Co. in Rome

Barnea and Co. celebrated its 10 year anniversary by having a  4 day vacation in Rome. Between visiting local clubs and restaurants Barnea's employees had a Segway tour and visited the tourist sites such as the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the Spanish Steps.

Heading for a settlement? A dispute for over 4 million dollars shall be mediated

The 4 million Dollars dispute between Ori Yogev, a majority shareholder in Whitewater, a water technology group, who is currently the head of Israel's Government Companies Authority, and Beni Tish, a Canadian businessman, is heading for mediation. Attorney Zohar Lande, Mr. Tish representative, stated that: "Mr Tish, who holds more than 15% of Whitewater shares (along with his family) is Whitewater's second largest investor and not a minor one. Mr. Tish invested approximately 4 Million dollars in Whitewater, and is the owner of overriding rights to which he is entitled by virtue of the company's article of association and the agreement (rights that Yogev is trying to withhold from him).

China's Suncore represented by Barnea & Co acquired the assets of Israel's Zenith Solar

Barnea represented Suncore in a transaction, that was effected by both the litigation and  the M&A departments, in which all of Zenith Solar assets were acquired by Suncore.

Suncore is a concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems manufacturer. ZenithSolar's system provides electrical output from a PV array and also generates hot water at a temperature suitable for domestic and industrial applications. Suncore is owned by San’an Optoelectronics, the largest LED manufacturer in China. LED technology is in many ways similar to the multi-junction PV cells used in CPV.

Categories: Corporate

The former treasurer of Kibbutz Shefayim and his wife were convicted of stealing 16.5 million NIS from the Kibbutz

Attorney Zohar Lande, head of the litigation department at Barnea & Co, made a short statement on behalf of the Kibbutz: "We respectfully acknowledge the Court's verdict. Sadly, this sordid affair has had a major impact on the social fabric of the Kibbutz in the last decade. Since Doron's embezzlement was exposed, we have acted within the Kibbutz community, as well as within the judicial system, in an effort to retrieve the money that has been stolen from the Kibbutz. The Kibbutz shall keep cultivating the values of solidarity between its members. We are hopeful that today's verdict shall enable the members of the Kibbutz to return with much enthusiasm to their normal routine of productiveness and creativity".

Categories: Litigation

Barnea & Co. is growing

Barnea continues its expansion. The firm has recruited three new attorneys that will work in the firm’s commercial department – Adv.  Ilan Blumenfeld, Adv.  Anat Even Chen and Adv. Karin Kashi. The firm now comprises of a team of 35 lawyers.

The best Lawyer Website – 2013

Barnea has been ranked as having the 2nd best website out of all of the law firms in Israel. The Magazine commented as follows: Barnea’s website is easy to navigate and is also prestigious and professional.

Financial Regulation: Early Achievements

In 2010, the Israeli Parliament enacted the Securities Law , creating the framework for the licensing of the online financial trading industry in Israel. The Act is the first attempt of the government to regulate online financial trading in Israel, which is unregulated at all, allowing rogue operators to act, causing damage to consumers and to the reputation of respectful operators.

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The Lawyer's special report: Tel Avision

The attractiveness of Israel's technology and energy sectors is beginning to draw more foreign lawyers into the country. Leading lawyers, such as  Adv. Simon Jaffa, discuss the entry of these foreign law firms into Israel and also the activities that these firms engage in once they are operating within Israel.

Barnea & Co. represented Orid Media Limited

Barnea represented Orid Media Limited in its sale of certain of its assets and liabilities, including its subsidiary, Pariplay Limited, an Isle of Man online gambling licensee, to a partly owned subsidiary of Majesco Entertainment Company, a NASDAQ listed company. The transaction will see Majesco invest a sum of between $3.5 to $4.5 million.

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Sea view real estate

Before buying real estate close to the sea, Adv. Nadler advises that a buyer must bear in mind that the corrosion to buildings that are located near to the edge of the sea is substantial. "Maintenance issues are important factors to consider because of the dust and sea spray. You should also be aware that there are higher maintenance costs involved in owning an apartment near the sea arising from dust, dirt, corrosion and external maintenance to the property.
It's also very important to have proper and ongoing maintenance to the property and this incurs a substantial cost.  So if you calculate the apartment price whilst factoring in the higher maintenance costs  the  fee per square meter of the property would be a higher fee per square meter  calculated  in the purchase price and may be a lot greater than may be anticipated.

Categories: Real Estate

Barnea & Co. is the winner of "Machshavot" football tournament

Barnea's team began the tournament  with a 1-0 loss to Gornitzky. The team then went on to defeat ERM with a score of 8-0 followed by victories against the firms of Lipa Meir and Fischer Behar. In the final Barnea's team were victorious and won the championship when they defeated Goldfarb with a score of 2-1. The first place prize was ten thousand NIS that was donated as a scholarship to students.

Raising Finance & Investing in the UK workshop: Exploring Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions

Barnea & Co and Mazars LLP in association with Bank Leumi (UK) Plc and UK Trade & Investment take pleasure in inviting you to an Exclusive Workshop on: Raising Finance & Investing in the UK: Exploring Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions.

Date: Monday, 17 June 2013
When: 08:30 to 12:30 – includes Brunch and networking
Where: Residence of the British Ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, in Ramat Gan
RSVP by 3rd June 2013 to Ms Dana Segev at [email protected]

Categories: Corporate

A residential plot in Herzliya was sold for NIS 32 million

The plot, that can accommodate 43 units, was put out to tender after there was a dissolution of ownership in the plot between the owners. This emanated from the owners failing to reach the agreement between themselves as to whether to proceed with either developing the plot or selling it.

The tender and sale process was managed by Attorney Ariel Nadler, head of the real estate law department at Barnea To read more, please click here

Categories: Real Estate

Israeli gambling sites industries have been revealed due to a confidential agreement which has been leaked.

Barnea represents Mr. Menny Benish, Player 2 Player LTD. and R.I.I.G Limited, in a claim for over 12 M NIS against Moshe Tisona and Yalciner Enterprises Ltd.

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