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Hadar Israeli Featured on Ynet Panel on Zadorov Verdict

As an expert on criminal law and white-collar crime, Hadar Israeli was asked to participate today in Ynet’s live panel discussion on the verdict in the Roman Zadorov trial.

Categories: White Collar

Barnea: Representing Daily.dev in USD 11 Million Seed Funding Round

Itay Gura, Ido Freund, and Inbar Katzir represented the Israeli startup Daily.dev in a USD 11 million seed funding round. The company aims to build the world’s largest professional network for the global developer community.

Categories: Corporate | High Tech | Start Ups

Barnea: Supporting ReCombinate Program

We are happy to be a partner in the ReCombinant program, an AB InBev-TAU Ventures collaboration dedicated to fostering pilot activity and joint R&D. The program is supported by the Israel Innovation Authority. Ido Freund, a partner in our Corporate Department, served as a speaker on a panel at the initiative’s spotlight event.


Categories: Corporate | High Tech | Start Ups

Hagit Ben Moshe Lectures at Conference on Electricity Distribution in Kibbutzim

Hagit Ben Moshe, a partner and the head of our firm’s Kibbutz Sector Department, lectured at a conference on managing electricity distribution in kibbutzim and discussed various business models for electricity distribution

Categories: Kibbutz Sector

Hagit Ben Moshe Lectures to Land Management Forum

Hagit Ben Moshe, a partner and the head of our firm’s Kibbutz Sector Department, lectured today to the Land Management Forum on informed and proper management of transactions on kibbutz land.

Categories: Kibbutz Sector

District Court Dismisses 66 Class Actions over Accessibility

In a precedential ruling, the Tel Aviv District Court dismissed 66 motions to certify class actions filed against dozens of public companies. The motions alleged the companies’ financial reports and reporting to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s MAYA system were not accessible to people with disabilities.

Eyal Nachshon, Zohar Haim Levinger, and Naama Ben Arosh Moshe represented a large number of the companies.

Categories: Class Actions | Litigation

Avishay Klein Invited to Speak at Global Intellectual Property ConfEx in Dubai

Avishay Klein, the head of our firm’s privacy and data protection practice, attended the Global Intellectual Property ConfEx in Dubai. Avishay spoke as part of a panel on IP data breaches, including preparing for cyber threats and dealing with cyber crises.  

Categories: Cyber | Privacy Law

Terry Almozlino Arnon Participates in Dun’s 100 Real Estate Forum

Terry Almozlino Arnon, head of our firm’s Commercial Real Estate Department, participated in the Dun’s 100 forum for senior legal professionals in the real estate field. The forum brought the professionals together to address burning issues in the industry. Topics of discussion this year included Israel’s housing crisis and the continued increase in interest rates.

Categories: Real Estate

Prof. Amichai Cohen on Israel’s Constitutional Law Reforms

Prof. Amichai Cohen was invited to write a series of articles about the new Israeli government’s proposed judicial reform and its implications for the Israeli legal system

Categories: International Law

Privacy: Avishay Klein Interviewed by N12 about New European Regulations

The entrance into force of the European GDPR in 2018 had an international impact, imposing a series of privacy restrictions on companies. Now, new privacy laws concerning fair conduct in the digital market and consumer protection are about to come into force. Their impact on companies looks to be dramatic. Dr. Avishay Klein elaborates in an interview with N12.

Categories: Privacy Law

Yuval Lazi Leads Table at OurCrowd Leaders Forum

Yuval Lazi was chosen to lead a taskforce table at the annual OurCrowd Global Investment Summit, dealing with “M&A Challenges in Light of Political and Economic Turmoil.”

Categories: Corporate | Investments

Webinar for Legal Counsels on Role of Legal Advisor in Relation to ESG Risks

Our firm held a webinar for members of the In-House Counsels for In-House Counsels Organization, in which Dr. Zvi Gabbay presented existing regulation in Israel in the field of ESG and the trends in the US and Europe. He also discussed ESG risk management in an environmental context.

Categories: Corporate Governance and ESG | Environmental Law | Regulation

Barnea Representing Car Safety Company in Industrial Espionage Lawsuit

Zohar Lande, Moran Bickel, Asaf Glazner, and Inbal Amit are representing the car safety company D-Lock in the NIS 20 million lawsuit it filed against SafeCar. D-Lock claims SafeCar engaged in industrial espionage, baseless lawsuits, and threats against D-Lock’s managers and service providers in order to stop its entry to the market.


Categories: Litigation

How a New Knesset Bill May Affect Labor Strikes

The Knesset is looking to limit workers’ ability to go on strike. Netta Bromberg, the head of our firm’s Employment Department, explains the consequences of MK Simcha Rothman's bill on the right to strike.

Categories: Employment

Control Struggles in Israeli Public Companies

Micky Barnea analyzes the issue of control struggles, hostile takeover attempts, and directors’ potential defensive measures. His op-ed was published in TheMarker's Ahad Ha'am magazine.

Categories: Capital Markets | Shareholder Activism

Barnea: Hosting Conference with the Israel Hedge Funds Association

Dr. Zvi Gabbay, Roy Engel, and Yana Zilbershtein lectured at a conference our firm hosted on the early years of hedge funds. The conference was held in collaboration with the Israel Hedge Funds Association. PWC and APEX Israel also took part.

Categories: Capital Markets | Hedge Funds

Liabilities and Exposures to Claims by an Insolvency Trustee

A worrying number of contracting companies in the real estate and infrastructure market have recently gone insolvent. A contractor’s financial collapse affects not only his creditors, but also the project’s contractee. In an op-ed, Idan Miller explains if insolvency law prevents damage reduction for the contractee.   

Categories: Insolvency and Debt Arrangements

Barnea: Guiding Djed in Successful Launch

We are honored to have guided Djed in its successful launch. Djed is a new stablecoin designed to maintain a stable value pegged to the US dollar. It provides its users with a decentralized and secure store of value and facilitates seamless transactions on the Cardano blockchain.

Categories: Capital Markets

Dr. Zvi Gabbay Participates in “Conference to Open Year of Compliance – 2023”

Dr. Zvi Gabbay, the head of our firm’s Capital Markets Department, participated in the Israeli compliance community’s annual conference for 2023. He spoke in a panel discussion with Hani Amar, a partner at BDO in the corporate governance and regulation division, and Adv. Ariel Sagi, a compliance officer and board member at Rafael.

Categories: Capital Markets | Compliance | Enforcement

Barnea: Hosting Conference on Labor Law and Competition Law

Firm partners Gal Rozent and Neta Bromberg lectured at a conference we hosted for the CEOs of Israel’s leading cleaning companies, part of Israel’s cleaners’ union.

Categories: Antitrust and Competition | Employment
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