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What You Should Know before Launching a Website or App

When a company is looking to start operating online via a website or an app, it must ensure its relationship with its users is defined not only from a marketing point of view but also from a legal perspective.


Therefore, if you intend to launch a website or an app, or already have one, you should dedicate time to writing terms of use and a privacy policy. So what is a privacy policy? Why is it important?. Here’s how to do it right. 




Terms of use function as the online version of a contract and include the commercial terms between the parties. They provide a host of defenses to the site operator against actions that may harm it.


A privacy policy is intended to provide users with the disclosure required by law and thus give the site owner or app the ability to use the information it collects.


All this is accompanied by the cookies policy, which from the privacy perspective, is the next hot thing, currently being deliberated by European regulators.


Preparing these documents in advance ensures they adequately serve the interests of the website operator, as well as reduce the legal exposures that can result from actions that violate various laws. In this video, you will learn the main things to include in these documents.




If you have any queries, please contact Adv. Anat Even-Chen. Anat leads the regulation practice at Barnea. She helps organizations operating in Israel to meet various regulatory requirements, whether regarding financial regulation, privacy issues and information security. Anat also counsels companies setting up Internet ventures on all the various regulatory aspects their operations entail.


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