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Founders’ agreement – in a nutshell


A founders’ agreement is the first encounter between entrepreneurs who are embarking on a joint venture to establish a successful start-up company. A founders’ agreement reflects the relationship between the entrepreneurs inter se and between each of them and the joint venture.


The importance of this agreement should not be underestimated. This comprehensive agreement, which is tailored to the nature, needs and aspirations of each of the entrepreneurs, and particularly those of the new venture, provides a strong foundation for a healthy and successful company.


Frequently, the drafting of a founders’ agreement requires the parties to address topics that many founders fail to address, either due to a lack of experience, a desire to avoid friction, or simply because they are looking at the venture through rose-colored glasses. Meticulous, professional handling of these issues will provide creative solutions which, with the mutual agreement and commitment of the parties, will help navigate the venture along the optimal route to success.


Barnea provides, inter alia, valuable assistance to entrepreneurs and start-up ventures and works with them to draft a founders’ agreement that prepares fertile ground from which the venture can grow and prosper.


Micky Barnea is an expert in advising start-up entrepreneurs – watch Micky lecturing on the important issue of Founders’ Agreements: