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How Israel Became a Leader in the FoodTech Industry?

Everyone is talking about FoodTech, an up-and-coming industry that has become a significant component of Israeli high-tech.

In a nutshell, the FoodTech industry implements agrifood ​​technologies covering a broad range of fields in the food and beverage value  and supply chain. This includes, for example, developing the next generation of food and beverages and improving the efficiency of agricultural crops. It also involves finding solutions to keep food and beverages fresh for longer periods, food and beverage safety, nutrition and sports, and supply and sales platforms for food and beverage consumers.



In Israel, over 200 startups and companies are at the forefront of innovation in the field. In addition, two technology incubators operate in central and northern Israel with the aim of identifying and developing early-stage startups in the field.

Foreign venture capital funds and international food companies recognize the great value of Israeli innovation and are active in making investments and collaborating to develop new Israeli products.


In this short video, Adv. Daniel Lorber, an expert on working with companies in this field, explains (in Hebrew) everything you’ve ever wondered about FoodTech: what it means, its impact on the food industry, and what investors are looking for.


Source: barlaw.co.il