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Israel: A Clean Tech Nation

Clean Tech Nation

Our world today looks very different from what we knew even twenty years ago. Climate change has emerged as a concern across the globe. With this, though, new opportunities have risen for investors and entrepreneurs in the area of clean and renewable energy. Israel has embraced this more than any other country by fostering growth and embracing policies to encourage and develop new small business in this area. More and more, Israel has stepped forward as the world’s leading clean tech nation.


Encouraging Innovation and Clean Energy

Israel has earned a reputation for encouraging start-ups and commercial innovation. Its technology sector in particular benefits from training its brightest citizens during compulsory Israel Defense Forces service. Those citizens carry their training into the private sector and lead the country’s push to develop new business ideas.

A significant part of this push now moves into clean energy companies. Israel’s Ministry of Energy and Water Resources is working as part of national policy to push development of clean and renewable energy sources. The purpose is twofold. From an environmental perspective, this push will help Israel reduce air pollution and decrease the health burden that pollution places on its citizens. And from an economic perspective, boosting local businesses as they strive to create and implement new clean energy technologies reduces national dependence on imports and increases investment from outside entities that can further bolster Israel’s financial future.


Clean Tech Success Stories

The policies in place are already paying off for Israel. According to the 2014 Global Cleantech Innovation Index, Israel holds the best opportunities in the world to start and develop clean tech companies. Among the report’s findings:

  • We ranked first overall among the 40 countries studied
  • Israel scored well above all other countries in emerging clean tech innovation
  • Israel reuses about 97% of its wastewater, far above standards in other countries

Other countries are taking notice. Investment in Israel is booming, through individual investors and international agencies alike. Despite having fewer natural resources available than many other nations possess, Israel is already generating over 2% of its total electricity from renewable sources, largely due to its technological innovation and development.



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