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Employing Teenagers during Operation Swords of Iron

Due to the war and the general state of emergency in the Israeli economy, many employees have been called up for military reserve duty and the economy is suffering from a manpower shortage. Concurrently, some educational institutions have significantly curtailed activities.


Under these circumstances, the Minister of Labor signed a general permit to employ teenagers during the evening hours. This permit expands the work hours during which employers may employ teenagers (age 16 and up).

The Permit’s Highlights


To whom does the permit apply?

The permit applies solely to employers and teenagers as defined in the Youth Employment Law, i.e., to employees between the ages of 16 and 18.


What is evening employment for teenagers?

During routine times, employers may employ teenagers after school until 20:00. Due to the manpower shortage as a result of the war, the permit extends the permitted work hours until 23:00.


In what instances may teenagers be employed during the evening?

An employer may employ teenagers during the evening hours if their work is necessary due to the employer’s manpower shortage resulting from the state of emergency declared in the economy.


What obligations are imposed on employers employing teenagers?

Employers must return their teenage employees to their homes at the end of every workday as of 22:00, either personally or through a representative on their behalf.


What break time must be given to teenage employees between one workday and the next?

Employers must give teenage employees a break of at least 14 hours between one workday and the next.


What is the duration of the permit’s validity?

The permit is valid until December 12, or until the end of the state of emergency, whichever is earlier.




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