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Insights & News /  National Insurance Institute (NII)

April 10, 2024

National Insurance: Amos Rosenzweig Interviewed by Bizportal about NII Deficit

Amos Rosenzweig, a former general counsel of the National Insurance Institute who leads our firm’s national insurance practice, was interviewed by Bizportal about the NII’s actuarial deficit. “2036 may look far away,” Amos noted, “but it’s sooner than it seems.”  

December 4, 2023

Making Aliyah or Returning to Israel – Maariv Interview with Liat Keisary and Amos E. Rosenzweig

One of the ramifications of the Israel-Hamas war is the growing interest of diaspora Jews and expat Israelis in immigrating to Israel. In Maariv’s article on the topic, Liat Keisary explains that most new immigrants are coming from countries such as the United States, England, and Australia, driving an increase in demand for the purchase of real estate properties in Israel. In addition, Amos E. Rosenzweig answers questions on the rights of returning residents and new immigrants to Israel.

November 23, 2023

Barnea: Webinar on Taxes and National Insurance

Our firm hosted a webinar in collaboration with the Israel Hedge Funds Association on the social security aspects of Operation Swords of Iron. As part of the webinar, Amos E. Rosenzweig discussed the financial grants designated for reservists, hostages’ families, and employees placed on unpaid leave. He also answered questions about the issues facing employers at this time.

May 2, 2023

Israeli Court Rules Foreign Workers Not Entitled to Old-Age Pension

The Haifa District Court recently adjudicated on the rights to a pension of a group of foreign workers who had finished their employment and subsequently left Israel. The court determined, as a general rule, that a foreign worker who is not a resident of Israel is not entitled to old-age pension from the National Insurance Institute. Amos E. Rosenzweig, a special of counsel at our firm and former general counsel at the NII, sheds lights on this issue in an article for Calcalist.

January 2, 2023

Duties and Rights of Israelis Who Relocate – Amos E. Rosenzweig Interview with Walla!

In an interview with Walla! News, Amos E. Rosenzweig, a special counsel at our firm, explains that Israeli law possesses no positive definition of who is considered an Israeli resident, but rather who is not. In addition, Amos discusses the social welfare conditions and financial allowances of Israeli residents who live abroad or are considered returning residents.