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September 14, 2021

District Court Ruling: Azrieli Foundation Exempt from Paying Taxes on Dividends

An Israeli district court rejected the Israel Tax Authority’s attempt to force the Azrieli Foundation to pay taxes in the amount of tens of millions of shekels for dividends it received and continues to receive due to its holding in Azrieli Group's shares. The court accepted the tax appeal, which was filed by Barnea Jaffa Lande, and ruled that the Azrieli Foundation,  a non-profit organization that works for the public good in Israel, is not the controlling owner of Azrieli Group and is therefore entitled to a tax exemption. The court ruled, among other things, that the ITA’s position could have a chilling effect in relation to business entities’ support of philanthropic associations. Our firm's  Zohar Lande, Eyal Nachshon, Harel Perlmutter, Nir Ziman, and Omer Keydar represented the Azrieli Foundation throughout the proceedings, which lasted about five years.

January 17, 2021

Barnea's Pro Bono Activity Highlighted in Maariv

The severe economic damage caused by the coronavirus crisis has intensified the need for philanthropic ventures. The Maariv newspaper dedicated a section to highlight our firm’s pro bono activities. Adv. Sagi Gross, who leads our activity in the area of social welfare, discussed the firm’s work with the “Supportive Family” foundation.

November 23, 2017

Should a non-profit organization be allowed to invest funds in financial assets?

The issue of an NPO’s investments of unappropriated funds (funds that are not immediately needed within the scope of its activities or for the purpose of advancing its objectives, whether on a short-term or on a longer-term basis) is not regulated within the scope of the Non-Profit Organizations Law or the Income Tax Ordinance. Asaf Shalev contributed an article to Globes in regard to this matter. (In Hebrew)

May 18, 2016

Tel Aviv University nabs $50m donation

Simon Jaffa Adv. and Ariella Dreyfuss Adv. represented The Jeremy Coller Foundation in its donation of up to USD 50 million to the Tel Aviv University for its School of Management.

January 21, 2016

Barnea & Co. hosted Unistream's investment committee

As part of our cooperation with Unistream, our office hosted the Organization's investment committee. At the meeting, the participants presented a business venture developed during the program. Adv. Micky Barnea and  Adv. Ronit Offir were chosen to be members of the jury, which also comprised CEO's and industry executives (eg. Microsoft), investment managers and directors of venture capital funds. 

December 23, 2015

Exemption from responsibility, indemnification and insurance of officers associations - is it possible and how?

Arrangements for exemption from responsibility, indemnification and insurance of officers associations (in the benefit of the public) have been gaining momentum recently, both by officers in these organizations seeking shelter under these arrangements, similar to officers in commercial companies, as well as from insurance companies that see the third sector as a potential market.  

April 13, 2015

Want a donation? Do you think like us?

As part of the coalition negotiations, the" HaBayit HaYehudi" party demands the amendment of the "Non-Profit Organizations" Law  as a condition of its entry to the government. Adv. Asaf Shalev, who specializes in advising non-Profit organizations, has written in an opinion piece which has been published in Maariv.