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Micky Barnea Participated in Dun’s 100 Forum for Senior Legal Professionals

Micky Barnea, our firm’s managing partner, participated in a forum for senior legal professionals hosted by Dun’s 100. Micky noted, “The legal reform was a distraction we got swept away by. The main point of the government’s reform was to say ‘we’re doing what we want’ and to undermine legal gatekeepers along the way.”

Institutional Activism – Interview with Micky Barnea and Zohar Lande

In the past year, there has been a growing trend of institutional investors seeking to influence the companies in which they hold shares. As experts in the field, Micky Barnea and Zohar Lande were interviewed by TheMarker about institutional investors’ increasing involvement in companies.

Categories: Shareholder Activism

Law.com: Israel's Legal Community Braces for Impact of Government's Judicial Overhaul

In light of the Israeli government’s proposed reform to the judicial system, Law.com, an industry-leading media platform, spoke with key figures in the Israeli business and legal community to understand the potential effects of these changes on the practice of law. Micky Barnea, our firm’s managing partner, was invited to share his insights. To read the full article and Micky’s interview, please click here.

Categories: Corporate | International Law

Conference: The High-Tech Employment World

We hosted members of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) for the conference The High-Tech Employment World. 

The conference focused on key issues in the Israeli high-tech employment market and included diverse lectures on such topics as non-competition clauses in employment agreements, the workforce as a critical element in the workplace, and more.

Among the speakers at the conference were Micky Barnea, our firm’s managing partner; Nani Maoz, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Everest; and firm lawyers Harel Perlmutter, Netta Bromberg, Inbar Gorelick, and Amos E. Rosenzweig.


Categories: Employment | High Tech | M&A employment issues

Control Struggles in Israeli Public Companies

Micky Barnea analyzes the issue of control struggles, hostile takeover attempts, and directors’ potential defensive measures. His op-ed was published in TheMarker's Ahad Ha'am magazine.

Categories: Capital Markets | Shareholder Activism

Doing Business in Israel through Agents and Distributors

According to the law, the relationship with the local agent is classified as either an agency agreement or a distribution agreement, depending upon the substantive nature of the arrangements between the parties and not the title the parties gave to the agreement.

Representative Sells and Shareholders Miss out on Big Profit – Micky Barnea Interview in Globes

The Ista deal, in which representatives on behalf of a broad public oversaw a sale of assets at a price that turned out to be attractive to buyers, has faced severe criticism. As an expert on corporations and the capital market, Micky Barnea was interviewed by Globes about the deal. Micky explained the role and responsibility of public representatives, who manage members’ funds, and clarified some ways to manage long-term investments.

Categories: Capital Markets | Corporate

Proud to Announce Program to Support New Parents – "Barnea with You"

Our firm is proud to announce the launch of "Barnea with You," a program aimed at supporting new parents at our firm. As part of this program, new mothers who remain on maternity leave longer than (the paid) 15 weeks will be entitled to a monetary grant from the office for each month of parental leave, up to a maximum of three months. Other benefits include five extra days of paternity leave at the company's expense and group activities for mothers on maternity leave. For more information, read the Globes article.

The Next Generation of Shareholders – Micky Barnea Interview in Globes

Are the heirs of business owners entitled to inherit company shares in equal parts? Read the Globes interview with Micky Barnea, our firm's managing partner.

Bezeq Affair and Implications for Independent Committees – Micky Barnea Interview in Globes

Following Judge Michal Agmon-Gonen’s ruling to drop certain charges from the indictment in the Bezeq securities case, Micky Barnea, the firm’s managing partner, was interviewed by Globes. Micky noted, “This ruling should not diminish the status of independent committees, but rather create order regarding them.”

Categories: Capital Markets

Corporate Governance Rules for Public Companies without Controlling Shareholder

Dominant shareholders, holding alone or in concert more than 50% of the voting power in public companies, have traditionally characterized the Israeli capital market. Consequently, Israeli corporate governance rules for public companies have focused on protecting the public of shareholders from the dominant powers of the all-controlling shareholder.

Globes Interviews Micky Barnea on Options and Executive Salary Increases

In 2021, capital compensation grew to become a more dominant component in the salaries of senior executives of companies traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. As part of an interview series with a number of capital markets experts in Globes, Micky Barnea noted, among other things, that "we are talking about managers who usually received their capital component, whether in options or in shares, before the company's issuance. This is not a negative phenomenon, as we would expect the chairman of the board, for example, whose role is to provide strategic support to the management staff, to have an identity of interests with the shareholders. When he holds such a capital component, which is positively affected by the rise of the stock, this creates an identity of interests."


Categories: Capital Markets

Migdal Group invests in Scandinavian energy

Migdal Group has invested, together with other partnerships, in the alternative energy projects of Fu-Gen AG and Fu-Gen Assets 4 AB. Firm partners Micky Barnea, Ariella Dreyfuss, and Roy Engel advised on the NIS 1 billion investment.


Representing Danel Group in Completion of Acquisition of Manor Medical

Advs. Micky Barnea, Ilan Blumenfeld, and Daniel Kleinman from our firm represented Danel Group in the acquisition of Manor Medical, which operates in the surrogacy, egg donation, and medical tourism fields. This transaction constitutes the completion of Danel’s acquisition of Manor Medical based on a NIS 100 million valuation.

Categories: Corporate | Mergers and Acquisitions

2021 – Trends in the Law Firms Industry

The phenomenon of mergers between law firms gained momentum in 2021 and its results are changing the face of the industry. Micky Barnea was interviewed by Calcalist on the subject and noted that: "I assume the number of large law firms is expected to be reduced to a group of about ten large firms, which will concentrate a high level of expertise and knowledge and ability to serve the needs of large clients and complex matters."

Interview with Micky Barnea: Takeovers of Public Companies

Recent years have seen several takeover attempts of companies listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Already in early 2022 was there a control struggle over Norstar Holdings Inc. As an expert lawyer in the field of corporate takeovers, Micky Barnea was interviewed by TheMarker for an article on the subject.


In the interview, Micky explained that “control takeovers begin with a combination of two things: an analysis to identify the business potential and a legal analysis that clarifies which steps are required to acquire control.”

Categories: Capital Markets | Corporate | Shareholder Activism

Does High-Tech Success Have a Price?

Kan 11’s leading podcast “Hayot Kiss” featured an episode on how the success of the Israeli high-tech industry affects other industries in the country. As the managing partner of a law firm that works closely with the high-tech industry, Micky Barnea was interviewed on the podcast about the effects of the high-tech boom on the legal industry.

Categories: High Tech

Senior Israeli Lawyers Discuss Changes in the Legal Market

High-quality lawyers have become a particularly sought after commodity, and law firms are adapting themselves to the new market. In an interview with Globes, Micky Barnea, our firm's managing partner, discusses the advantage large firms have in preparing for change.


Barnea Representing Ness in Acquisition of DXC's Operations for USD 65 Million

Our firm is representing Ness Technologies, owned by Hilan, a TASE-traded software company, in a transaction to acquire 100% of the share capital of DXC Technology's IT services company in Israel (formerly EDS). The scope of the transaction is USD 65 million, and its completion is expected at the end of the first quarter of 2022. Advs. Micky Barnea, Yuval Lazi, Mayer Winkler, and Dana Ben-Yehuda represent Ness in the transaction.

Categories: Corporate | Investments | Mergers and Acquisitions

Interview with Micky Barnea: Kibbutz Industry Closes Two Years of Successful Exits

In the last six months, the kibbutz industry has signed ten significant deals for hundreds of millions of dollars. How and when did the kibbutz industry become so attractive? What happened in the last decade that caused this explosion in the kibbutz industry and is this a temporary phenomenon? A Globes article on the subject features interviews with several experts in the field, including Micky Barnea.

Categories: Kibbutz Sector

Representing Reef Technology in Acquisition of Israeli Startup Bond

We advised Reef Technology, one of the largest operators of mobility, logistics hubs, and neighborhood kitchens in the United States, on its acquisition of the Israeli logistics startup Bond, which was initially founded as Shookit, a direct-to-consumer grocery startup that delivered fresh produce to clients in the city within hours. The deal was led by Advs. Michael Barnea, Ariella Dreyfuss, and Tal Freilich. Netta Bromberg advised on the employment side. Harel Perlmutter and Hanna Daher advised on the tax side. Anat Even-Chen advised on data privacy and security and other regulatory matters.

Categories: Corporate | Investments | Mergers and Acquisitions

The Demand for Directors in Publicly Traded Companies

The demand for directors in publicly traded companies is increasing in light of the growing wave of IPOs on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

An expert on the capital market, Micky Barnea was interviewed on the subject by Globes. He explained the significance of the director position in companies, as well as the role's related risks and responsibilities.

Categories: Capital Markets

Shapir Group Acquires Engineering Company Lipsker for NIS 32 Million

Micky Barnea, Ilan Blumenfeld, and Daniel Kleinman represented Lipsker, an Israeli company that specializes in performing geotechnical work, in its sale to Shapir Engineering and Industry, Israel's leading company in the construction, development, and infrastructure fields. Our legal services include antitrust aspects.

The value of the transaction is approximately NIS 32 million.

Categories: Investments

Representing Danel Group in an Investment in a Medical Technology Company

Our firm’s Micky Barnea, Itay Gura, and Ido Freund represented Danel, a human resources, nursing, and medical services company, in its acquisition of 22% of Aviv Scientific, a leader in improving brain performance and treating the aging process. The transaction’s value is USD 22 million.

Categories: Corporate | Investments | Mergers and Acquisitions

Representing Migdal in Investment in Fintech Company Sunbit

The fintech company Sunbit, which has developed an AI-based technology that enables personalized payment options, raised USD 130 million in a series D financing round led by Group 11, Zeev Ventures, and Migdal Insurance.


Our firm's Micky Barnea and Ariella Dreyfuss represented Migdal in the transaction.

Categories: Corporate | FinTech | Investment Funds | Investments | Mergers and Acquisitions

Representing Migdal in NIS Millions Investment in Behalf

Our firm represented Migdal in a financing round worth millions of shekels in Behalf, a startup that provides alternative financing solutions to B2B companies. The client was represented by Micky Barnea, Ariella Dreyfuss, and Daniel Arbov.

Categories: Investments | Start Ups

Public Companies without a Controlling Shareholder: Amendment to the Companies Law

In recent weeks, the Israeli Ministry of Justice published a memorandum proposing an amendment to the Companies Law, focusing on the corporate governance regime in public companies without a controlling shareholder.

Technology IPOs – A Meeting of Cultures at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Israeli tech companies have recently joined the wave of initial public offerings on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. This is not the first time tech companies have gone public on the TASE and it will take some time to see if this is a real trend or a temporary phenomenon motivated by the tide of capital markets activity in the coronavirus era.

High-Tech Companies’ IPOs – Meeting of Cultures on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

The corporate regime of public companies in Israel has developed around public protection against the controlling shareholder. These protections are not relevant to most high-tech companies, whose holdings are decentralized. Globes has published an article by Micky Barnea on this subject.

Categories: Capital Markets | High Tech

Dun’s 100: Top 25 Law Firms’ Senior Partners Forum

Dun's 100 released yesterday its rankings of leading Israeli law firms. In a Calcalist article covering the launch event, former justice minister Avi Nissenkorn was interviewed. The article also featured an interview with Micky Barnea.  "We are in the midst of a year of attrition, a feeling shared by law firms, individual Israelis, and the political system. We have become accustomed to the reality of a continuous attack on, and thus erosion and damage to, the justice system."  

Dentsply Sirona Acquires Datum Dentel Ltd.

We represented Datum BioTech Ltd and its non-wholly owned subsidiary, Datum Dental Ltd, an Israeli company that develops medical devices for the mouth and jaw, in its sale to American company Dentsply Sirona. Advs. Micky Barnea and Ariella Dreyfuss advised the client throughout the deal.

Categories: Corporate | High Tech | Investments | Life Sciences | Mergers and Acquisitions

Representing Danel in Acquisition of Manor Medical

Our firm represented Danel in the acquisition of 51% of Manor Medical, an egg donation and surrogacy company.

Advs. Micky Barnea, and Ilan Blumenfeld represented Danel in the acquisition with a value of up to NIS 140 million.

Categories: Corporate | Investments | Mergers and Acquisitions

2020’s Wave of IPOs

Since the beginning of 2020, ten initial public offerings (IPOs) have been completed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, for a total of NIS 12 billion. In addition, another 15 companies plan to issue IPOs at a cumulative value of NIS 8 billion by the end of the year. What has changed, why should we pay attention, and what should we watch out for? Five experts in the field, including Micky Barnea, answer all TheMarker’s questions. 

Expanding to International Markets – Is Your Business Ready?

Micky Barnea was invited to be a guest speaker in a webinar held on July 30 presented together with CoWrks Foundry (an India-based accelerator), RIHub (US-based innovation hub), and Brown University. Micky discussed the legal aspects of introducing a startup to the international market.

Categories: Corporate | High Tech

COVID-19's Effect on Completing Transactions

Many steps go into completing M&A transactions. Now, with the COVID-19 outbreak, companies are taking this time to modify and sometimes even cancel transactions. What is behind the delay in completing transactions, and on whom to take the risk? Globes interviewed M&A expert Micky Barnea on the subject.

Categories: Corporate

Webinar: How to Make a Difference

The Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center begins today its series of summer lectures. "Summer Entrepreneurship" is a weekly program that invites four experts to talk about various topics related to entrepreneurship. The opening webinar today will host four experts in the high-tech field in Israel, including Micky Barnea. Micky will discuss the entrepreneurial relationship and why it is critical to a venture's success.

Categories: Corporate | High Tech

Dividend Distribution in Times of Covid-19

The recent dividend distribution by TASE-traded company Fox-Wizel Ltd. after receiving emergency funding from the Israeli government not only raised moral questions but also underscored the complexity facing many companies at this time. Globes published an op-ed by Micky Barnea in response to the backlash following the company's actions. Micky noted that a key challenge faced by companies is how to balance between dealing with the difficulties and uncertainties of the COVID-19 era, on the one hand, and the desire and responsibility to continue operations as commercial enterprises, on the other.

Categories: Capital Markets | Corporate

CardiacSense Signs USD 32M Deal to Sell Watches in India

Our firm serves as counsel for Cardiac Sense, a startup that developed a medical watch for remote patient vital signs monitoring and detection of fever and chronic diseases. We represent the startup in all legal matters. Recently, we assisted the company in an over USD 30 million agreement to supply medical watches for use in hospitals in India.

Categories: High Tech | Life Sciences | Start Ups

FIMI Acquires Control of Amiad Water Systems

FIMI Opportunity Funds, a private investment fund, recently completed the acquisition of control of public company Amiad Water Systems Ltd. Micky Barnea represented Hachoshlim Fund Cooperative Agricultural Society Ltd., Amiad's largest shareholder, in the deal. As part of the deal, FIMI agreed to invest about USD 19 million in Amiad for a share allocation, thereby acquiring 5% more of the company's shares.

Categories: Capital Markets | Corporate | Kibbutz Sector

Barnea Represents Surf in Sale of Video Division to Lytx

Lytx Inc., an American fleet management software developer, has acquired the video division of the Israel-based company Surf Communications, to serve as its Israeli R&D center. Surf, founded in 1996, develops multimedia digital signal processing technologies for telecommunication infrastructures. Firm partners Micky Barnea and Ariella Dreyfuss represented Surf in the deal valued at between $20-30 million.

Categories: Corporate | High Tech | Investments | IP and Licensing

Capital Markets in the Age of Coronavirus

An M&A expert, Micky Barnea was interviewed by the leading newspaper Globes as part of an extensive analysis on the long list of major deals that are being canceled and the financial uncertainty in this period. The article highlights how huge corporations are able to afford what little companies and the self-employed can only dream of. According to Micky, "Starting in February, we noticed a phenomenon in which time has become elastic. Usually people strive to keep deals at a steady pace, and once the handshake is made, they want to move faster. Now, less people are hurrying to complete a deal. They are taking time to see what will happen next in the market.”

Categories: Capital Markets | Corporate | Corporate Finance | Investments

Pi-Cardia Ltd. Raises $27 Million in Financing Round Led by Our Client Sofinnova Partners

The Israel-based global leader in the development of non-implant catheter-based solutions for treating heart valve calcification has raised $27 million in funding. The investment round was led by our client, the European life sciences venture capital firm Sofinnova Partners, with the participation of Pi-Cardia chairman Prof. Jacques Séguin and previous investors. Advs. Micky Barnea and Ariella Dreyfuss represented the client.

Categories: Corporate | High Tech | Investments

Coronavirus: Is a Huge Wave of Debt Arrangement on the Way?

Micky Barnea was interviewed by Globes on the coronavirus’ effect on both the corporate and government bond markets.

Categories: Capital Markets | Corporate | Corporate Finance | Insolvency and Debt Arrangements

Li Wenliang Was Not a Snitch – an Article by Michael Barnea

Lee Wenliang was the first person to identify the coronavirus. He sought to warn the public about the virus and paid a personal price for doing so.

Individuals like Wenliang are referred to in Hebrew as “information leakers,” at best, and snitches, at worst. The apparent distinction between an "information leaker" and a snitch is in many cases a question of the party involved—one person's "information leaker" is another person's snitch.

In an article published by TheMarker, Micky deals with the terminology surrounding the leaking of information and the need for organizations to stress appropriate language so such actions are seen as a positive. Employers should also encourage internal reporting mechanisms.

Categories: Corporate

Representing MAT Investment Holdings in Merger between Two Manufacturers of Control Valves from Kibbutz Industry

Our firm represented the Spanish multinational industrial group MAT Investment Holdings in the merger of its Israeli subsidiary Dorot Management Control Valves from Kibbutz Dorot with A.R.I. Flow Control Accessories, a company owned indirectly by Kibbutz Kfar Haruv.

Categories: Corporate | Investments | Kibbutz Sector

Chambers TMT Guide 2020: Law in Practice

As experts in the TMT field, our firm was asked to contribute the Israeli law and practice overview for the Chambers Israel TMT guide. In their overview, Micky Barnea, Daniel Lorber, and Anat Even-Chen discuss legal considerations for big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. They also address key data protection principles, the challenges with IT service agreements, privacy matters, and more. As a whole, the TMT guide offers insights for each jurisdiction.


Categories: Blockchain | Cyber | High Tech | Privacy Law | Regulation

Event Invite: New International Standards for Internal Alert Mechanisms

Join us for a seminar on the new international standards for internal alert mechanisms. The EU whistleblower protection directive that came into force in December 2019 and trends in the US signal a new duty—the obligation to formulate an in-house mechanism that allows employees to report improper or unethical conduct. To date, such mechanisms have largely been the responsibility of large companies subject to heavy regulation, but this reality is about to change. To what extent is your organization ready for such a mechanism? Are there any accepted standards for such mechanisms?

Categories: Corporate

Event Invite: Whistleblower Protection: Israel, Europe, and the US

The entry into force of the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive in December 2019 and recent US legislative trends require local companies operating in the international arena to begin preparing accordingly. During the seminar, we will discuss the need to protect whistleblowers, existing regulation, and what the next steps should be.

Categories: Corporate

Micky Barnea Op-Ed: TASE IPO – The Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Globes published an op-ed by Micky Barnea on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange's latest move to attract new investors with a public offering of its shares. According to Micky, "This listing could be a turning point in anticipation of a long-awaited change, bringing a revival of the stock exchange and the domestic capital market."

Categories: Capital Markets | IPOs and Public Offerings

Barnea Representing Azrieli Group in Sale of Supergas Holdings

Our firm represented Azrieli Group in the sale of its holdings in Supergas to Elco Group for NIS 820 million. Azrieli was represented by Advs. Micky Barnea, Ilan Blumenfeld, Sagi Gross and Daniel Kleinman.

Categories: Corporate | Investments

Micky Barnea Interview with Legal Business Magazine

Micky Barnea was interviewed by the British magazine Legal Business about whether the political situation in Israel has affected its economy. Micky noted that investments, from both overseas companies into Israel and in the local market, remain extremely strong, and expressed future confidence in the Israeli economy.

Categories: Corporate

Hosting a Delegation of Senior Executives from Daiwa House Group

Our firm hosted today a delegation of senior executives from the Fortune 500 Japanese construction company Daiwa House Group. The executives visited Israel to promote business relationships with Israeli companies.

Categories: Corporate | High Tech

Barnea Represented CryoLife in a Strategic Transaction with the Israeli Medtech Startup Endospan

Our firm represented CryoLife in a strategic transaction with Israel-based endovascular stent graft system developer Endospan. The transaction involved an option to purchase Endospan for up to USD 450 million in the future, together with an exclusive distribution arrangement and USD 15 million in secured debt financing.



Categories: High Tech | Investments | Life Sciences

2019 Opportunities in the Israeli Market

In 2019, Israel remains “the Start-Up Nation” and a leader of technological innovation. Thanks to its strong currency, active economy, and robust export industries, it also continues to attract noteworthy international investments.

Barnea Represented Bridgepoint in the Acquisition of Qualitest

Our firm represented the private equity group Bridgepoint in the acquisition of control in the Israeli software testing company Qualitest from Marlin Equity Partners for approx. USD 420 million.

Categories: High Tech | Investments | Tax

Barnea Represented Johnson & Johnson Innovation in an Investment Round in DayTwo

Our firm represented JJDC in its follow on investment in the Israeli medtech company DayTwo, as part of a $31 million series B round.  

Categories: High Tech | Life Sciences | Start Ups

Barnea Represented Johnson & Johnson Innovation in an Investment Round in Techsomed

Micky Barnea, Ariella Dreyfuss, Itay Gura, Mayer Winkler, and Ido Freund represented Johnson & Johnson Innovation in an investment round in the Israeli medtech startup Techsomed Medical Technologies Ltd. Founded in 2012, Techsomed has developed an image analysis system that helps track tissue response to thermal ablation, the process of destroying tumors using extreme heat or cold. Techsomed intends to use the funding toward receiving regulatory approval in the US, Europe, and Japan.


JJDC led the company's current round of financing, which included both former and new investors, such as Screen Holdings, the Alfred Mann Institute at the Technion (AMIT), NextLeap Ventures, and Axil Capital.

Categories: High Tech | Investments | Life Sciences | Start Ups

Redomiciling an Israeli Public Company to Delaware

On April 12, 2019, Arcturus Therapeutics Ltd., an Israeli public company traded on NASDAQ, published in the United States a prospectus and proxy statement (convening a general meeting of shareholders of the company). Publishing the prospectus is an advanced step toward completing an arrangement between the company and its shareholders.

Barnea Represented Danel Ltd. in the Acquisition of Levinger Group

Our firm represented Danel Ltd. in a deal to acquire 51% of Levinger Group. This marks a strategic move by Danel to expand into the private health field.

Categories: Corporate | Investments | Mergers and Acquisitions

Internships at Barnea

Micky Barnea answers TheMarker's questionnaire on the nature of internships at our firm. He stressed that the firm is internationally-oriented and therefore involves work in English covering all aspects of commercial law. He also noted the firm's attentiveness to interns, such as working hours that don't run too late.  

Mentoring at Unique Acceleration Program – Israel Lean Launchpad

As part of our partnership with the Hebrew University Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Micky Barnea lectured today to the participants of Israel Lean Launchpad, an innovative acceleration program founded by Hebrew University, Merage Institute, Startup Nation Central, and the Jerusalem Development Authority.

M&A in Israel Guide 2019

Advs. Micky Barnea and Ariella Dreyfuss of the firm's Corporate Department provided a snapshot of merger and acquisition law in Israel, as published by Lexology.

Event Invite: The Legal Advisor's Role When Dealing with a Company in Crisis

Together with the Association of Corporate Counsels, we are holding on February 6th a seminar on the legal advisor's role when a company is in crisis. The seminar will feature a simulation of a multi-crisis event, with participants focusing on managing the crisis opposite regulators, media, business partners, and employees.

Calcalist Article on the Breakdown of Control in Companies

Adv. Micky Barnea was interviewed for an article in Calcalist's Executive Magazine about the superseding power of CEOs over the board of directors in public companies.

Categories: Corporate

ITA Sharpens Procedures in Wake of New Tax Circular

Adv. Micky Barnea was featured in a follow-up article in Globes about the Income Tax Authority's new circular that changes the tax policy relating to capital-based compensation dependent on performance. According to Barnea, "The new circular stipulates that options allocated under an approved plan, submitted lawfully to the Tax Authority, may be discovered on judgment day as not being entitled to reduced capital taxation."

Categories: Employee Tax Benefits | High Tech | Start Ups

Barnea Represented Sakal Global Duty Free Ltd.

Our firm represented the owner of Sakal Global Duty Free Ltd. in the sale of the company as part of the sale of the entire Sakal Group to businessman Teddy Sagi.

Categories: Antitrust and Competition | Corporate | Mergers and Acquisitions

Israel Innovation Tour: UK Delegation

Our firm hosted today a delegation of senior executives from British companies and authorities. The delegation is part of a cooperation with the consulting company Ntegra, Bird and Bird law firm and Barnea. As part of the tour, the delegation visited our firm and met several startups for potential investment. Micky Barnea also provided a case study of the activity of foreign companies in Israel.

Categories: Corporate | Start Ups

The People Who Shake Management: 70% on Mellanox

Micky Barnea and Adv. Steve Wolosky are featured in a TheMarker profile about being the representatives of the American investment fund Starboard Value during its investment in Mellanox.

Categories: Capital Markets | Corporate | Shareholder Activism

Legal Workshop for The Xcelerator

Micky Barnea conducted today a legal workshop for The Xcelerator, the new accelerator program created jointly by the Israel Security Agency and Tel Aviv University’s TAU Ventures.

Categories: Start Ups

Activist Shareholders – The Israeli Challenge

Barnea and ACC hosted today a seminar on shareholder activism. Micky Barnea discussed activism in Israeli companies. Also presenting were Elchanan (Nani) Maoz from Everest Fund and Steve Wolosky from Olshan Frome Wolosky LLP.

Categories: Capital Markets | Derivative Actions | Shareholder Activism

Catalan Delegation

We hosted together with Catalonia Trade & Investment a delegation of companies that arrived in Israel in search of new investment opportunities.

Categories: Start Ups

What's Best for a Business: Controlling Shareholder or Executive Management?

Adv. Micky Barnea, our firm's Managing Partner, is featured in an extensive interview with TheMarker on the question of what contributes more to the proper management of a company—a dominant controlling shareholder or executive management—and how this affects the work of the board of directors.

Categories: Corporate

Event Invite: Activist Shareholders – The Israeli Challenge

Join Barnea and ACC for a seminar on shareholder activism. During the seminar we will examine activism in Israeli companies and the courtroom, while comparing the American and Israeli markets.

Categories: Capital Markets | Shareholder Activism

Legal 500 Briefing: Foreign Investment in Israel

Advs. Michael Barnea and Mayer Winkler co-authored the chapter on foreign investment in Israel in the Legal 500 guide, providing information on the key factors to consider when looking to invest in Israeli companies by way of M&A.

Categories: Corporate

Barnea Represented JJDC as the Lead Investor in OrthoSpin Ltd.

Our firm represented the US pharmaceutical and medical devices company Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation (JJDC) in a USD 3 million lead investment round in OrthoSpin Ltd. OrthoSpin is an Israeli-based startup that provides smart robotic external fixation systems.

Categories: High Tech | Investments | Life Sciences | Start Ups

2018 Opportunities in the Israeli Market

Despite the many internal and external challenges unique to Israel, the country has successfully transformed itself into a powerhouse of technological innovation. Israel has become an excellent destination for international business, boasting a strong local currency, an active local economy, and robust export industries. 

Micky Barnea Attends Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Annual Event

Israel’s top legal experts and in-house counsels participated in the ACC Israel Annual Summit: "The Challenging Role of In-House Counsels in Israel.” At the event, Micky Barnea took part in the panel discussion on the relationship between corporate counsel and external legal advisors.

Categories: Corporate

Israeli Court Scrutiny Over Decisions of a Board of an Israeli NASDAQ Traded Company in a Proxy Fight

Recently, a four month proxy fight over control of an Israeli incorporated NASDAQ traded company was settled, following a series of proceedings held before the Tel Aviv District Court. At a crucial juncture, the Tel Aviv Court was asked to issue a temporary injunction over a transaction initiated by the board, which included a highly dilutive (24.9%) issuance of shares.

Landmark Israeli Court Decision Halts Deal between Two US Companies

An Israeli court has ordered to halt an investment deal in Arcturus Therapeutics, pending clarification of the lawsuit filed by Joseph Payne, the company's founder, regarding the cancellation of his dismissal as CEO. This decision was made despite the fact that the company operates in the United States with American management. Joseph Payne is represented by Advs. Micky Barnea, Zohar Lande, Omer Keydar, and Ron Shuhatovich.

Categories: Corporate | Derivative Actions | Litigation

Ethemba Capital Selling Control in Avgol to Indorama Ventures

Our firm is representing British private equity firm Ethemba Capital in its sale of control in Israeli company Avgol Nonwoven Industries Ltd. to Indorama Ventures Spain S.L., a chemical manufacturer whose shares are traded on the Thai stock exchange. The price of the sale is valued at NIS 1.7 billion.

Categories: Corporate | Mergers and Acquisitions

Micky Barnea Addresses Challenges of Late-Stage Startups

Managing Partner Micky Barnea is speaking today at the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator on the issues facing late-stage startup companies.

Categories: Start Ups

IFF to Buy Israel's Frutarom

Our firm represented International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) in its acquisition of Frutarom, the Israeli flavors and ingredients maker, for USD 7.1 billion.

Categories: Corporate | Mergers and Acquisitions

Barnea Hosts Group of Japanese Investors

A group of Japanese investors are visiting our firm today to meet with startup companies.

Categories: Start Ups

Seminar on How TASE Can Spur Growth of Kibbutz Industry

Barnea, BDO Israel, and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) are hosting today a seminar on the accounting and legal aspects of issuing collective companies on the TASE.

Categories: Capital Markets | IPOs and Public Offerings | Kibbutz Sector

Kibbutz-Owned Companies Prefer the Investment of Private Funds

Micky Barnea, our Managing Partner, was interviewed by Globes on kibbutz-owned companies' transition from launching IPOs on the stock exchange to seeking investments from private equity funds.

Categories: IPOs and Public Offerings | Kibbutz Sector

Barnea Represents TAU Ventures, Tel Aviv University Early Stage Start Up Investment Venture Capital Fund

Our firm is representing TAU Ventures, the first venture capital fund established by a university in Israel.

Categories: High Tech | Start Ups

Executive Compensation in Dual-Listed Israeli Companies

Adv. Micky Barnea, our Managing Partner, was interviewed by Globes on the topic of executive compensation policy in dual-listed Israeli companies.

Categories: Private Clients | Senior compensation

Micky Barnea Hosting Panel at Annual Foreign Law Firms Conference

Adv. Micky Barnea, our Managing Partner, is hosting today the AI panel at the 4th Annual Foreign Law Firms Conference.

Categories: High Tech

Micky Barnea Participates in Dun's 100 2018 Leaders Law Forum

Micky Barnea participated in the Dun's 100 2018 Leaders in Law Forum. In attendance were the heads of 24 of Israel's leading law firms.

Hosting a Delegation on Behalf of the Japanese Embassy

Our firm is hosting today, on behalf of the Japanese Embassy, a delegation of large-company CEOs who came to Israel as part of an innovation tour.

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Seminar on Data Protection and Privacy for the Israeli Directors' Union

Our firm is hosting the Israeli Directors' Union today for a seminar on data protection and privacy. During it we will discuss the new European privacy regulations (GDPR) and directors' exposure in the age of privacy.

Categories: Consumer Protection | Corporate | Privacy Law | Regulation

Barnea & ACC Seminar – Blockchain, Bitcoin, and ICOs

We are hosting today together with the Association of Corporate Counsel a seminar on blockchain and digital currencies. Dr. Zvi Gabbay will discuss new regulatory challenges, while Micky Barnea will address blockchain and smart contracts. Tal Cohen, Compass Blockchain Solutions's CEO, will give a special introductory lecture on bitcoin and digital currencies.

Categories: Blockchain | Capital Markets | Financial Regulation | High Tech

Hosting a Student Delegation from Handong Global University

Our firm is hosting today a student delegation from Handong Global University. The students are visiting Israel from South Korea.

Micky Barnea Interviewed by Globes on Israel's Capital Market

Adv. Micky Barnea, our firm's managing partner, was interviewed by Globes on the major events that have taken place in Israel's capital market in the past year: the re-emergence of initial public offerings on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the Bezeq affair, and ICOs.

Categories: Capital Markets | IPOs and Public Offerings

Israel Weighing Tax-policy Options After U.S. Senate Approves Dramatic Tax Cuts

Micky Barnea was interviewed by TheMarker regarding the effects on Israeli corporate tax following the U.S. Senate's approval of tax cuts that would lower the corporate rate to 20% from 35%, a move that has left Israel’s headline rate three percentage points higher.


Categories: Corporate | High Tech

Hosting a Delegation of British Executives in Israel

UK Israel Business is a bilateral chamber of commerce that connects British and Israeli businesses across all sectors. As part of its activity, it invited a delegation of British executives to Israel. The delegation came to explore possible investment avenues in technological projects, and visited entities in the technology scene. A final event for the delegation was held in our offices.

Categories: Corporate | High Tech | Start Ups

Workshop: Guidelines for Equity-Based Plans

Barnea is hosting today together with barneaXcrossing and ESOP Excellence, a morning workshop on equity-based plans for entrepreneurs and technological startups. Micky Barnea, Managing Partner, will discuss options plans for partners and employees.

Categories: Employee Tax Benefits | Start Ups

Fintech: Challenge and Potential

Fintech combines for the first time the worlds of financial services and technology, as banks and insurance companies serve as fintech’s main playing fields. As such, both sectors must become more efficient and acquire the technological solutions that will help them fulfill their roles.

Barnea & Co. represents the controlling shareholder in Lapidoth

As part of the control struggle over the A.D.O Group, our firm was chosen to represent Jacob Luxembourg, the controlling shareholder in Lapidoth. With the assistance of Adv. Micky Barnea, Mr. Luxembourg sent a letter of warning to all the directors of A.D.O Group, claiming the company's joint control agreement, signed between Shikun and Binui, the Apollo Fund, and the Dayan family, is damaging it.

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Hosting a Delegation of Investors from Mexico

Barnea hosted today a delegation of Mexican investors who came to Israel to find investment opportunities. Adv. Micky Barnea, the firm's Managing Partner, met with the delegation and spoke about the Israeli ecosystem.

Categories: Corporate | Start Ups

Hosting a Delegation of Chinese Executives

We are hosting today a delegation of senior executives from large enterprises across a variety of industries in China. These executives have come to Israel to learn about Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Article on Regulatory Challenges of FinTech Companies Featured in TheMarker

Micky Barnea, the firm's managing partner,published an article on the regulatory challenges facing Fintech companies, in TheMarker's FinTech Magazine. Micky notes that entry barriers to this field are not only the development stage, but also the strength of the regulatory solution. Therefore, acquired knowledge can become a real intellectual property and carry enormous potential.

Categories: FinTech | High Tech | IP and Licensing | Regulation

Micky Barnea to Discuss Late-Stage Startups' Challenges at IBM Accelerator

Adv. Micky Barnea, Managing Partner, will lecture today at the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator on the challenges of late-stage startups.

Categories: High Tech | Start Ups

Barnea & Co. represented Industries Centers EOD in the acquisition of control by US company ADM

The acquisition of control by US company ADM of Israeli company Industries Centers EOD—which imports and markets animal feed, processes seeds, and stores emergency inventory for the state—has been completed. The company was represented by Advs. Micky Barnea, Yuval Lazi, Ilan Blumenfeld, Daniel Lorber, Sagi Gross, and Daniel Kleinman.

Categories: Corporate | Mergers and Acquisitions

FDI Magazine Executive Breakfast Briefing: Investment opportunities in Israel

Michael Barnea, our Managing Partner, is participating today in a panel discussion on investment opportunities in Israel. The event is being held in London under the auspices of FDI Magazine, which is published by the Financial Times.

Micky Barnea will lecture today at a Training Seminar of the Israel Bar Association

Micky Barnea, our Managing Partner, will lecture today at a Training Seminar of the Israel Bar Association on the management of a law firm.

Barnea & Co. represented Johnson & Johnson regarding its investment in the startup, DayTwo

Barnea represented Johnson & Johnson in respect of its investment of USD 12 million in the startup, DayTwo, which provides personalized nutrition recommendations based on mapping and analyzing the composition of intestinal bacteria.

Categories: Corporate | Mergers and Acquisitions | Start Ups

Board of Directors 2017 - Challenges and Risks

Barnea, in cooperation with the Israel Director Union, is hosting a seminar on the challenges and risks in the functions of a Board of Directors. Micky Barnea, our Managing Partner, will discuss the risks in the functions of the board of directors. Dr. Zvi Gabbay, Partner and Head of the Capital Markets Department, will deal with corporate governance and enforcement programs.

Categories: Corporate | Regulation

Barnea & Co. is happy to be a part of the Unistream annual event

As part of the event, Adv. Micky Barnea, was invited to participate as a judge in Unistream's Entrepreneur of the Year Competition. In the competition teens will present their startup companies to leading high- tech experts.

Categories: Start Ups

Barnea & Co. is hosting Swiss Corporate Delegation

Barnea, together with Startau, Tel Aviv University's Entrepreneurship Center, are hosting a Swiss corporate delegation, who are visiting Israel for the first time and looking to connect to the Israeli innovation ecosystem.

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Barnea & Co., together with the ACC, are Hosting an Event on Privacy

Barnea, together with the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), is hosting today an event on privacy. This is the first event in Israel discussing the implications of privacy on organizations. During the event, we will cover such topics as the new EU regulations on the protection of privacy and information and the right to financial privacy in Israel. In addition, we will discuss the recently published regulation on organizations’ database security.

Categories: Privacy Law | Regulation

Micky Barnea to lecture about Artificial Intelligence at Google Campus

Micky Barnea will lecture today to entrepreneurs working in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Micky will focus on the potential legal implications of AI technologies and the challenges of entrepreneurs in that field. The lecture will be held at Google Campus.

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Networking Event with a Business Delegation from Montana

Barnea in cooperation with the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce is hosting a business delegation from Montana for a networking event with companies planning to expand overseas.

TLV Startup Challenge

Micky Barnea, the Managing Partner at Barnea, judged in the TLV Startup Challenge competition final, held at the Startau Innovation Conference. The start-up "Hargol Foodtech", which specializes in the cultivation of grasshoppers for the food industry, won first place in the competition.

Categories: High Tech | Start Ups

Tel Aviv University Innovation Conference

For the second year, Barnea is taking part in the Tel Aviv University Innovation Conference. In the framework of the conference, Micky Barnea, will lecture on the subject of the legal challenges entailed in late staged startups and will judge in the competition final with other mentors from Shazam, Prezi, Capsula, Strauss Group and IAI.Adv. Yuval Lazi and Ariella Dreyfuss, will judge in the start-up competition in the Fintech, Gaming and IoT sectors. Yuval Lazi will also participate in a panel discussion on funding a start-up, together with a representative of the Office of the Chief Scientist, Tau Ventures' CEO and the CEO of "Cockpit", El-Al's start-up support program.

Categories: FinTech | Gaming | High Tech | Start Ups

Ten Golden Tips for Distribution Agreements

Distributors, agents, resellers and OEM partners all share the same commercial function of selling goods to end users. Thus, although there are significant differences between the legal statuses of each of these players, this article below treats all of them collectively as “distributors”.

Appointing a distributor involves significant inherent risks. The drafting of the distribution agreement may help in mitigating these risks and realizing the potential benefit of your relationship. While formulating distribution agreements you should pay special attention to the following key issues:

Preparing for the Second Round of Startup Funding

Funding your startup company is an inexact science. The first round of funding helps get your company established, but often leads to a realization that you need more. After the first round, new issues and growing capital requirements emerge and you need to adjust course moving forward. To help you build your company successfully, you should know what the challenges are in each stage you are in, and to be prepared for them.

Barnea & Co. represented Avgol in issuance of a New Series of Bonds

Barnea represented Avgol Industries 1953 Ltd in connection with the issuance of a new series of bonds in the amount of NIS 197 Million. Avgol is one of the biggest manufacturers in the world of non-woven fabrics for the hygiene market. Its securities are traded in the leading indices on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Categories: Banking & Finance | Capital Markets | Corporate Finance | Financing | Mergers and Acquisitions

Barnea & Co. Represented Viola Credit in the Acquisition of Negev Ceramic

Barnea represented a group of investors, led by Viola Credit, in the acquisition of Negev Ceramics from creditor banks. Viola was represented by Adv. Michael Barnea, Adv. Ilan Blumenfeld, and Adv. Sagi Gross.

Categories: Corporate | Mergers and Acquisitions

Barnea Event: Startups in Artificial Intelligence

Barnea, together with the patent firm, Ehrlich & Fenster, will host today a seminar geared towards entrepreneurs who are launching an AI startup. Adv. Micky Barnea, will lecture on the legal and governance implications of AI.

Categories: High Tech | Start Ups

Barnea & Co. Represented Viola Private Equity in an Investment in Similar Web

Barnea represented Viola Private Equity in an investment of USD 50 million in Similar Web, a leading digital market intelligence platform that provides insights for websites and applications.

Categories: Corporate | Corporate Finance | Privacy Law | Start Ups

Barnea & The Service event: Family Wealth Management

Barnea, together with The Service, will host today a seminar on how to manage real estate assets and family companies. Adv. Micky Barnea, our Managing Partner, will discuss the inter-generational transfer of family businesses. Liat Keisary will participate in real estate panel.


Categories: Private Clients

Survey of Legal Interns by Barnea and Codex was Published in Globes

A comprehensive survey conducted by Codex, a leading HR company for lawyers in Israel, which was initiated by Barnea, was published in Globes. In the survey, future legal interns were questioned on how they feel in light of the flooding of the profession, how they choose where to intern and more. Adv. Micky Barnea, Managing Partner at Barnea, commented that the initiative came from the recognition that there is a change in the current generation of interns and the need to understand the impact on their internship.

Delegation of Israeli ambassadors in Latin America

Barnea is today hosting a delegation of Israeli ambassadors who are stationed in Latin America, together with the Latin America division of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israel-Latin America Chamber of Commerce and StarTau, the Entrepreneurship Center of Tel Aviv University.

Categories: Corporate

Barnea & Co. will  accompany Accelerator Frankfurt Spring Program

The Accelerator connects Startups with Financial Institutions. Barnea & Co is the firm which will provide legal services in Israel to the startups attending the Program in Frankfurt. On 12th February we will be holding an introductory event at which the Accelerator will describe the nature and aims of the Program and Micky Barnea will discuss the challenges for startups heading abroad. The event will be take place at Barclay's Techstars Accelerator. 

Categories: Corporate | High Tech

Barnea & Co. is hosting a delegation from Germany

Barnea is hosting today a delegation from Germany, who will be visiting Israel for the first time in order to look for investment and cooperation opportunities, mainly in the real estate and insurance tech fields.

Categories: High Tech | Real Estate

Roundtable with VC's Investing in Cyber Security

Barnea will host today, together with Israel-America Chamber of Commerce and the BIRD Foundation,  a roundtable meeting with Mr. Kevin Stine, Chief of Applied Cybersecurity Division at NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology), an agency of the US Department of Commerce. The roundtable will include senior managers of Israeli VC’s community and Cyber Security startups.  

Categories: Cyber | High Tech

Barnea & Co. hosted a delegation from Singapore

Barnea hosted this week a delegation from Singapore which was invited to Israel by Startau, Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center. The delegation held a series of meetings with leaders of the technological and entrepreneurial environment in Israel.

Categories: High Tech | Start Ups

Hosting the South Carolina Business and Research Delegation

Barnea is hosting today a business and research delegation from South Carolina, comprised of business leaders, researchers and business developers at hospitals and research Institutions and economic development officials. They have come to Israel to promote collaboration with Israeli companies in Biomed, Cyber and Tech Automotive. Micky Barnea, our Managing Partner, will give a lecture on the legal aspects of doing business in Israel.

Categories: Cyber | High Tech | Life Sciences

Micky Barnea in an Interview by Globes regarding Executive Pay in the Finance Sector and regarding Concessions from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the Israel Securities Authority

Micky Barnea, our Managing Partner, was interviewed by Globes regarding executive pay in the finance sector. He also interviewed on concessions granted by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the Israel Securities Authority. Micky commented that the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and the Israel Securities Authority have granted a set of concessions to encourage more companies to go public. However, according to Micky, as regards the issue of regulation, the exemptions should be more significant.

Categories: Capital Markets

Micky Barnea will give a lecture to MBA students in the course "From Idea to Start-up" at the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Adv. Micky Barnea, our Managing Partner, will give a lecture today to MBA students in the course "From Idea to Start-up" at the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The lecture will focus on legal and intellectual property issues necessary for entrepreneurs.

Categories: High Tech | Start Ups

Launching Air Force Innovation Community - at Barnea & Co.

On Thursday, December 22nd we hosted at our office a networking event of the Air Force Innovation Division in cooperation with Startau, Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center. The event was attended by representatives of the industry. The Air Force Innovation Course with Tel Aviv University was launched.

Categories: High Tech

Five Winning Tactics to Scale Your Go-to-Market and Channels

Barnea together with ChannelSmart and Syneron-Candela will host an event on December 22nd on best practices for go-to-market strategy and channel development. Adv. Micky Barnea, our Managing Partner, will highlight the important information to include in Distribution Agreements.

Categories: High Tech

Round-table Regarding the Employment of Arab Interns and Lawyers

Adv. Micky Barnea  will participate in a round-table meeting with other leading law firms regarding the employment of Arab interns and lawyers. The meeting was initiated by the Deans of the Universities' Faculty of Law.

Categories: Employment

IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator 4th Class

Micky Barnea joined IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator 4th Class as a mentor. The program focuses on post Seed and Round A funded companies with the aim to create a long term Technology and Business partnership with IBM worldwide.

Categories: High Tech

Seminar for Students From the IDC Legal Clinic for Start-Ups

Barnea is hosting today a seminar for students from the IDC Legal Clinic for Start-Ups on various issues including founding agreement, labor law and tax issues, privacy policy, entrepreneurship and more. The cooperation is part of the firm's pro bono activities.

Categories: High Tech

A Delegation of Community and Entrepreneurial Organizations from Barcelona and the Region of Catalonia

Barnea, hosted today a delegation of 50 community and entrepreneurial organizations from Barcelona and mayors from the region of Catalonia, which were invited to Israel by Startau, Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center. The event was held as part of a series of meetings of the delegation with leaders of the technological and entrepreneurial environment in Israel.

Categories: High Tech

Barnea & Co. Represented the Private Equity Fund IGP Investment in Jacada

Barnea represented Israel Growth Partners (IGP)  in an agreement to buy 300,000 Jacada shares, 7% of the company's share capital, from Robert (Bob) Ashton's investment firm Kinetic Catalyst Partners.

Categories: Corporate | High Tech | IPOs and Public Offerings

Officers’ Remuneration – Are New York and London Following TASE’s Lead?

Adv. Micky Barnea, Managing Partner at Barnea, was interviewed by Globes Dun's 100 on the emerging trend in the United States and England to adopt stricter corporate governance rules pertaining to director remuneration.

Categories: Capital Markets

Things You Need to Know About Fintech

Financial technology (“FinTech”) is a broad term that encompasses many kinds of technology across many industries. It includes hardware and software, apps and analytics, and solutions for companies of all sizes. Because FinTech plays a role in virtually every kind of company, it is worth taking the time to understand its position in the world economy.

The Startup CEO Roundtable

IBM, Barnea and Marketing Envy will host a Round Table for CEO’s of start-ups which have raised over 1 million USD. As part of the program, Micky Barnea will discuss the challenges to be faced during second round capital raising.

The event will take place at Barnea’s offices. 

Categories: High Tech

Being on the safe side

TheMarker business monthly magazine for June, dealt with wealth and disclosed ”the secrets of 500 richest people in Israel”.

As an expert in  the area of family wealth, Micky Barnea was interviewed on how to transfer your wealth to the 2nd generation in the best way.

Categories: Private Clients

TAU Innovation Conference 2016

Barnea invites you to the TAU Innovation Conference 2016. The conference is the largest international innovation conference in the Middle East, with over 6,000 attendees from across the world. This includes entrepreneurs, industry leaders, diplomats, investors, and highly respected keynote speakers at educational and networking events. As Barnea is a participant in the event, our clients enjoy a 35% discount (Password:  TAUBarnea2016)

As part of the event, Micky Barnea will participate in the IPO and exits panel, Yuval Lazi will participate in the fundraising panel and Yuval Lazi and Ariella Dreyfuss will be judges at the Tel Aviv StartUp Challenge competition.

Categories: High Tech

Micky Barnea will lecture on investment agreements

Micky Barnea will deliver a lecture to entrepreneurs tonight at TRI/O (Tech Entrepreneurship Hub) at Kfar Quasim, on investment agreements. TRI/O is a collaboration of three entities:  Tsofen, an Arab-Jewish organization promoting the integration of Israel’s Arab citizens into the hi-tech industry, MIT Enterprise Forum and MEPI - Middle East Partnership Initiative , a USA fund that offers assistance, training, and support to groups and individuals striving to create positive change in Israeli society.

Categories: High Tech

Barnea & Co. represented Azrieli Group

Barnea represented Azrieli Group in its acquisition of the eCommerce platform and activities of Buy 2 Networks Inc., a public company traded on the TASE. The acquired platform and activities  provide an eCommerce platform for consumers to purchase a wide range of products.

The acquisition price is NIS 70 million. Azrieli was represented by Micky Barnea.

Categories: Corporate | High Tech | Mergers and Acquisitions

The initiative to limit executive salaries could drive away Israeli high-tech companies

The high-tech sector is concerned about the impending passing of legislation which would effectively further restrict the salaries payable to executives in the financial sector. The concern is that this legislation could be extended to apply all types of listed companies , including Israeli high-tech companies listed on venture capital markets abroad. Micky Barnea, as an experienced lawyer in the high-tech field, was interviewed by TheMarker

Categories: High Tech

Dr. Zvi Gabbay and his team are joining Barnea & Co.

Dr. Zvi Gabbay, who was previously head of administrative enforcement at the Israel Securities Authority, will be joining our firm with five lawyers from his team. Micky Barnea commented to Globes regarding this expansion "together we create integrated capabilities that can handle a variety of challenges that the world of public companies and financial regulation present".



Categories: Capital Markets

China's Fosun to buy Dead Sea cosmetics

Yesterday, the signing ceremony of the Share Purchase Agreement for the sale of Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories Ltd. to Fosun (China), for approximately NIS 290 million, was held in Jerusalem. Micky Barnea, Ariella Dreyfuss and Itay Gura from our firm represented Kibbutz Mitzpe Shalem, one of the selling shareholders.


Categories: Corporate

Barnea & Co. represented Continuity Software

Barnea represented Continuity Software in a transaction for the sale of the company to Kedma Capital for an amount of NIS 160 million. Continuity Software is the leading provider of service availability risk management solutions.

Representing Continuity Software- Adv. Micky Barnea and Adv. Ariella Dreyfuss.
Adv. Yuval Lazi represented Kedma Capital.


Categories: Corporate | High Tech | Mergers and Acquisitions

From a Start-Up Nation to a Cyber Security Nation: The Evolution of Israel as a Security Leader

Most people who think about leading global players in online security concerns think big: the United States, China, and Russia. Quietly, though, Israel has emerged as a world leader in this area. Known as “Start-up Nation” since the release of Dan Senor and Saul Singer’s 2009 book of the same title, Israel has created a culture of technological development and growth. It promotes learning and understanding in technology, both culturally and through its recruitment of top minds in service to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), resulting in a country continually pushing the technological curve forward.

How Can Share Options Help To Grow Your Start Up?

On March 17th Adv. Micky Barnea delivered a lecture for start-ups and entrepreneurs at the Azrieli College of Engineering, Jerusalem. The event was sponsored by Atobe Accelerator. The lecture dealt with the use of options as a tool to encourage employees and service providers of start-ups. Various issues were discussed, including the differences between shares […]

A lecture by Micky Barnea at the BDO Academy

As an expert in the technology field, Micky Barnea was invited to lecture at a unique course for entrepreneurs organized by the BDO Academy, in association with the Technion’s Division of Continuing Education. Micky discussed founders agreements and investment agreements.

Categories: High Tech

How Share Options Help To Grow Your Start Up

Azrieli College Of Engineering Jerusalem and AtoBe Start Up Accelerator will host an event on "How Share Options Help To Grow Your Start Up", in a partnership with Barnea and Excellence, on March 16, 2016. Micky Barnea will lecture at the event on Options for start-ups’ partners & employees.

Categories: Corporate

Angel's Investor workshop

As part of our cooperation with MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel, our office will take part in an Angel's Investor workshop consisting of 6 meetings. Adv. Micky Barnea, Adv. Yuval Lazi and Adv Ariella Dreyfuss will lecture at the workshop.


Categories: Corporate | Internet

Funding your organization

“Funding your organization” – a lecture in Hebrew by Micky Barnea given to the program of the Executive U.S. Embassy Alumni. The lecture took place at the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality’s Center for Young Adults, with the participation of William Grant, Deputy chief of Mission at the US Embassy.    

Adv. Yuval Lazi join Barnea

Barnea continues its expansion and has recruited a further 12 Attorneys in the past few weeks. Micky Barnea commented to TheMarker regarding such expansion: Yuval Lazi joining with his team is a result of the firm’s growth and allows us to continue providing top legal service.

Micky Barnea was interviewed by Globes and asked how TASE can encourage high-tech companies to register on the Israeli stock exchange

As an expert in Capital Markets, Micky Barnea was interviewed exclusively by Globes regarding the TASE "poor year" in 2015. In the interview, Micky describes the reasons for the situation: stifling regulation, low turnover, high costs, and describes what he thinks TASE should do in order to attract new companies to TASE.  

Categories: Capital Markets

Barnea & Co. hosted Unistream's investment committee

As part of our cooperation with Unistream, our office hosted the Organization's investment committee.

At the meeting, the participants presented a business venture developed during the program.

Adv. Micky Barnea and  Adv. Ronit Offir were chosen to be members of the jury, which also comprised CEO's and industry executives (eg. Microsoft), investment managers and directors of venture capital funds. 


Categories: NPO

The Herzikovitch inheritance dispute- interview with Micky

Micky Barnea was interviewed for an article in Globes, regarding the Herzikovitch family dispute. Micky is an expert in the area of family wealth and in the article, Micky described how families can, as far as possible, avoid such conflicts.

Categories: Private Clients

Barnea & Co. advises Johnson & Johnson regarding its participation in a $28m investment round carried out by Israel's V-Wave

V-Wave, a privately held company with offices in Israel and the U.S., completed a Series B financing round in the sum of $28m.

The round was led by Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JJDC Inc. (represented by Barnea). Other participants were TriVentures, Pura Vida and BioStar Ventures. Eli and Nir Barkat's BRM fund, Pontifax and Edwards Lifesciences, which were already shareholders in V-Wave, also participated.

Categories: Corporate | High Tech

Founders’ agreement – in a nutshell

A founders’ agreement is the first encounter between entrepreneurs who are embarking on a joint venture to establish a successful start-up company. A founders’ agreement reflects the relationship between the entrepreneurs inter se and between each of them and the joint venture. The importance of this agreement should not be underestimated. This comprehensive agreement, which is tailored to the nature, needs and aspirations of each of the entrepreneurs, and particularly those of the new venture, provides a strong foundation for a healthy and successful company.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications 2015 round table

Micky Barnea was one of nine experts from around the world who participated in the "Corporate Livewire" virtual round table. The subject of the event was Technology, Media & Telecommunications 2015. 

Micky discussed recent regulatory changes, key trends and Intellectual Property in the Media Industry.

Categories: High Tech

The new R & D Law in Israel

On July 29, 2015 the Knesset passed an Amendment to the Encouragement of R&D in the Industry Law.

Micky Barnea, who specializes in advising companies of all sizes and from all industries: venture capital funds, entrepreneurs, and Israeli and international investors in technology and life sciences, refers  in "Globes" on the benefits of the new R & D Law.

Categories: High Tech

"Lishtot" wins StartUp Open Israel competition

The winner of the  "Start up Open" competition is "Lishtot" an Israeli startup which has developed technology that indicates in 2 seconds if water is polluted, thereby reducing the risks of drinking polluted water. The event was held at Hansen House in Jerusalem.

Barnea was involved with the competition from inception for the second year, together with the Jerusalem Development Authority, JNext, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Prime Minister's Office, MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel and others. 


Categories: High Tech

New R&D Law – More Flexibility in Supporting Technological Innovation

On July 29, 2015 the Knesset passed the 7th Amendment to the Encouragement of Research and Development in the Industry Law. The purpose of the amendment is to allow the State of Israel to effectively and efficiently continue its support of the various companies which promote technological innovation and address the current challenges this industry faces in light of the importance of the high tech industry to the Israeli economy.


225 companies have been de-listed from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in seven years - why it happened, and how to stop the flight?

Controlling shareholders and company managers complain about the stifling regulation, low turnover, high costs, the intervention in determining wages, and a negative image following the social protests. The leading newspaper, TheMarker, interviewed stock exchange experts, amongst them, Micky Barnea, to discuss why it happened, and how to stop the flight.

Categories: Capital Markets

Micky Barnea says to Globes: "2014 Israel Gaza conflict still influences foreign investment in Israel"

Micky Barnea, Managing Partner of Barnea, was interviewed last week by Globes newspaper. Micky spoke about his personal life and earlier career. He also shared his thoughts regarding Israel’s deteriorating status in the world which is keeping some foreign investors and businesses away from Israel. To read more, please click here

How to sprinkle star dust of the high-tech industry on the TASE?

The Israeli corporate governance rules discourage technology companies from listing on the TASE. However, with some simple steps this all can be changed.
Israel's position as the Startup Nation is reflected in the fact that multiple local technology companies are listed on the US and London Stock Exchanges. However, the TASE has never managed to make itself an attractive  target for Israeli high-tech companies. Thus, while many technology companies today prefer the purchase option of an initial public offering, such companies seeking to issue shares do not regard the TASE as an attractive or even relevant option. They prefer to turn to international exchanges.

Categories: Capital Markets | High Tech

Barnea & Co represented Blender

Israeli startup Blender announced today that it had raised $5 million from Blumberg Capital. The company has raised $3.5 million since it was founded, not including the current round. 

Categories: Corporate

Could Plus500’s Anti Money Laundering problems prejudice future Listings by Online Trading Companies?

On 18 May 2015, Plus500 , an AIM listed company, announced that the UK Financial Conduct Authority had demanded a review of its Anti-Money Laundering financial sanction systems and other related regulatory controls. Plus500UK Limited was obliged to suspend all transactions for existing customers until additional AML procedures have been implemented. Not surprisingly, the share price of Plus500 dropped dramatically. Globes, a leading Israeli newspaper, published an article, including interviews with experts in the field of company listings in London, analyzing what happened to the successful online securities trading company. As an expert in IPO’s in Israel and London, Micky Barnea stated that: The Plus500 matter would make it difficult for other Israeli companies in the industry to list on the stock exchange, even though AIM is the friendliest Stock Exchange for this industry.
Categories: Capital Markets

Tadiran to acquire Supergas

Tadiran Holdings Ltd., controlled by Moshe Mamrod, is acquiring the gas distributor, Supergas, from Granite Hacarmel, a unit of Azrieli Group Ltd., for NIS 250 million. Micky Barnea and Ilan Blumenfeld represent Granite Hacarmel. 

Categories: Corporate | Mergers and Acquisitions

Is the online financial trading industry part of Israeli high-tech?

Micky Barnea, Managing Partner and Head of the Technology department published an article in the IVC annual high-tech book. In the article, Micky asserts that although online financial trading is focused on financial tools, the ability to innovate is a key ingredient in the success of online financial trading companies. As such, they should be treated as high-tech companies.
Categories: High Tech | Internet

Top FX figures meet venture capital firms in Tel Aviv: Is the age of funding here?

Senior industry figures from a host of FX companies met top venture capital investors in Tel Aviv, Israel today at the conference hosted by Barnea and the IVC. To read more, please click here

Categories: High Tech | Internet

Joint interview – Micky Barnea and IVC CEO - Mr Koby Simana

Micky Barnea, managing partner of Barnea, and Koby Simana, CEO of IVC Online, in a joint interview focused on the area of financial trading platforms. In the interview Micky discusses the effects of the new Israeli regulations pertaining to the activities of trading platforms. These regulations will come into effect on May 26, 2015.

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Legal Business: Israel 2015

The Legal Business magazine has dedicated its April edition to Israel, with a focus on current topics and trends in the country. Michael Barnea and Simon Jaffa were interviewed regarding Chinese interest in doing business in Israel. "In some respects because of the geopolitical  limitation, there is less competition for certain deals. Investors may not face as much competition as businesses in the US and UK," says Barnea.  

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Is it really required to publish an immediate report at the negotiation stage?

Recently, Judge Ruth Ronen of the Economic Department of the Tel-Aviv District Court handed down a ruling which related to an issue which is pertinent to virtually every publicly listed company.  

When do negotiations reach a point of becoming material information, thereby constituting inside information? The background to this case was that Africa Israel Industries had published a tender offer in 2012 for the purchase of shares in Negev Ceramics, without publicly disclosing that negotiations were being conducted with Olympia, a Canadian company. The Administration Enforcement Committee (established under the Securities Law) had ruled that the publishing of the tender coupled with lack of disclosure constituted insider information. Judge Ronen presided over the appeal against this ruling.  

Judge Ronen ruled that the negotiations had indeed reached the point of becoming material information. Her decision was based on the application of the materiality/magnitude test, which weights the probability of the event occurring against the anticipated impact of the event on the company.

It is not difficult to see the logic in the assumption that the fact that negotiations are underway might be material information and that therefore, whoever executes transactions with securities while in possession of such information is considered as having made use of insider information. However, it appears that the ISA’s Administrative Enforcement Committee was prepared to go even further and expressed the opinion that the same materiality test for the purpose of ascertaining abuse of insider information should be used for the purpose of ascertaining the application of a reporting obligation. The Committee’s position may be interpreted as deciding that, when negotiations reach the point of becoming material, the Company must issue an appropriate immediate report.

Judge Ronen decided that it was unwarranted to examine the correlation between abuse of insider information and a corporation’s general disclosure obligation, within the scope of the petition.

However, the critical question remains: Should every public company assume that it is obliged to publish an immediate report every time it conducts negotiations and they reach the level of becoming “material”?

Firstly, one must consider whether such a requirement is reasonable and feasible. One must keep in mind two salient points: There is never certainty that negotiations, whether or not material, will eventually lead to an agreement and; the very disclosure that negotiations are underway could thwart the transaction or adversely affect its conditions. Secondly, since negotiations are often a dynamic, lengthy process, it is unreasonable to expect public companies to repetitively perform analyses during the course of negotiations in order to ascertain whether, at any given stage, the correlation between the probability of a successful conclusion of the negotiations and the anticipated impact of the current draft of the agreement, has reached a level of “materiality” that dictates the publication of an immediate report.

Even if the conclusion had been that it would be advisable and wise to oblige public companies to publish immediate reports about negotiations, considering the implications and possible repercussions, such an obligation should be clearly and unequivocally defined. For example, the Securities Law prescribes specific provisions regarding insider information. Furthermore, the Securities Regulations include express provisions regarding the imposition of reporting obligations, and require the reporting of any transaction for the purchase of a “material asset.” The Regulations enable the company’s board of directors to delay the reporting under particular circumstances, but do not allow a company to delay reporting in any instance of securities being offered pursuant to a prospectus.

In other words, there are circumstances when information about material negotiations must be published: before the execution of a transaction with securities, before the publishing of a tender offer and before the publication of a prospectus, and in relation to purchases of material assets. However, one should not deduce from this that there is a sweeping obligation to publish an immediate report about negotiations, and certainly, it would be advisable to carefully analyze all relevant considerations, such as reasonability and the appropriate legal source before imposing such an obligation.

Is it mandatory to publish an immediate report about negotiations regarding a potential transaction?

Recently, Judge Ruth Ronen of the Economic Department of the Tel-Aviv District Court handed down a ruling on the matter of a tender offer published by Africa-Israel Industries in 2012 for the purchase of shares of Negev Ceramics. 

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Round Table: Director responsibility in today’s era

Due to the many regulations, legal advisors and statements of claims, the directors of public companies do not know if it's their job to manage or supervise. Micky Barnea, a renowned figure in this field, was invited to be a member of a panel of experts to discuss the responsibility of the Board of Directors in the new era.

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The Threats to the Foreign R&D Centers in Startup Nation

There is no doubt that Israel has a thriving high-tech industry. Israel has developed a high-tech eco-system that encompasses companies at various stages of development. It has also built up an extensive community of investors and development centers of international companies. The high-tech industry in the start-up nation has attracted and is attracting corporate giants from around the world to operate their development centers in Israel. This is done via the acquisition of Israeli companies or as part of a business strategy of creating a presence in Israel.


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Israel’s 2nd Foreign Law Firms Conference

As an expert in the technology field, Micky Barnea was invited to lead the high-tech panel at the Israel’s 2nd Foreign Law Firms Conference. The panel: Start-Up Nation Vs. Exit Nation will deal with the effect of startup nation on the Israeli legal scene, the current trends in high-tech exit transactions, IPO's and the interface between Israeli and foreign law firms in high-tech legal work.

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Are Facebook, Apple and Google’s Israel based R&D Centers a Blessing in Disguise?

This has not gone unnoticed by foreign multinational companies. A study by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics shows that 63% of all investments in R&D centers in Israel come from international technology companies operating in Israel.
More than 67% of all employees in R&D centers in Israel are employed by foreign companies who have established research centers, such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, HP and more. Such companies employ no less than 34.3 thousand employees in R&D, with an annual increase of 2%.

The presence of these corporate giants in Israel is growing, as many more companies understand the benefits and success they could have by placing their R&D centers in the hotbed of innovation and invention.

These outstanding figures are irritating to some, as the growth in the R&D centers gives the foreign companies firstbid at breakthrough technologies.

Science, Technology, and Space Minister Yaakov Peri went as far as saying that “Israel’s economy relies heavily on funding from other countriesfor research and development…this is a fragile situation…in which the main beneficiaries of Israeli creativity are the multinational companies.”

But there’s another way to look at it. These centers are effectively nurturing the best and the brightest, training them and serving as incubators for budding entrepreneurs. Many of these employees leave the multinational companies ready to start their own start-ups, armed with the considerable skillset, knowledge, and experience acquired at these R&D centers.

Furthermore, having foreign R&D centers and multinationals in Israel has proven to be a source for creating jobs, spawning new business and contributing to economic output.




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Kibbutz Sector- The Challenges of Becoming a public Company

In recent years many kibbutz enterprises have grown from small manufacturers to international corporations. Echad Ha'am  magazine, by Globes, held a roundtable with six experts to discuss the latest changes and developments in the kibbutz sector. (attached, p.21)

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2014 Legal Highlights

This year’s summary of Maariv puts the spotlight on key legal developments in Israel, covering the following topics: Capital Markets (by Micky Barnea); Anti-Trust (by Zohar Lande); Constitutional Law; Criminal Law nfrastructure ; Tax and Money laudering

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BreezoMeter won the StartUp Open Israel competition

The Israeli winner of the competition, BreezoMeter, was invented to make air pollution visible. Using real time big data analysis BreezoMeter presents air quality information at street level resolution. (Picture)

BreezoMeter ran in the finals in front of six other companies, and will automatically enter the list of the World's Top 50 Most Promising Startups, known as the GEW50.

The final competition was held in Jerusalem, in the presence of Jerusalem MayorNir Barkat, investment entities, entrepreneurs, startups, high-tech executives.
Michael Barnea, Managing Partner from Barnea & Co, said, "I am delighted at the opportunity Barnea has had to take part in this special event. With our experience in working with entrepreneurs in all phases of incorporation, raising capital and launching technology and life science startups, we were able to contribute is considering and selecting the contestants in the competition. Thus we were able to allow the next generation of entrepreneurs theopportunity to present their ideas and receive international exposure".

StartUp Open was originally launched as part of the Kauffman Foundation in 2010 and is part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. It is the world's largest competitions for startup companies, boosting participation from over 30 countries.

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No significant influence on the Israeli High – Tech by recent events

In the last interviews on the radio given by Micky Barnea, he stated that the Israeli high tech hasn't been influenced significantly by the recent event. Listen to the full interview at Galatz.
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Capital Markets 2014 - Virtual Round Table

Corporate Live wire held a roundtable with seven experts from around the world to discuss the latest changes and developments in capital markets in each expert's respective jurisdiction. To read more, please click here

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Barnea & Co. represented Avgol Industries 1953 Ltd.

The firm represented AVGOL Industries 1953 Ltd. in their issuance of a new series of debentures (Series C) in the amount of NIS 502 million. This is one of the largest financing rounds made this year on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and its aims are to replace existing financial debt, and to finance ongoing investment activities and operations of the Company. AVGOL Industries is a global technology company, a world leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of nonwoven fabrics, especially diapers and hygiene products, and its customers include large companies such as Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark. The Company's shares are traded on the Tel Aviv 100 index. To read more, please click here

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Is the Israeli High Tech Industry Indeed Impervious to Cannon Thunder?

There is no doubt that the Protective Edge Operation has had a material adverse impact on economic activities in Israel. The rocket attacks on communities in southern and central Israel reduced dramatically the revenues of businesses, hurt the tourism and vacation industries, and forced many companies to cope with absences of employees who were called up for active reserve duty. Business as usual? Nevertheless, it appears that the Israeli high-tech industry proceeded more or less with business as usual, as if high-tech is the “steadfast cliff” of the local economy. Even during last month, when the inferno in Gaza was at its worst and Israel found itself subject to venomous criticism throughout the world, the robust international activities in the Israel technological sector continued. International merger and acquisition transactions of Israeli technology companies did not stop and public offerings of Israeli high-tech companies on NASDAQ continued. One should not misconstrue the continuing global activities by Israeli high-tech companies as a reflection of support of the Israeli government’s policy in Gaza or as recognition of its right to protect itself from the barrage of Hamas rockets. The factor driving this activity is, first and foremost, the robust demand for Israeli technology, a demand that is hardly affected by political considerations. There are two additional factors that contribute to the Israeli high-tech industry’s imperviousness to the impact of the events of the Protective Edge Operation. One factor is the fact that the majority of the commercial activities by Israeli high-tech companies is not in the local market. Though, in many instances, the development is located in Israel, the target markets and the vast majority of the sales are global. Therefore, the drop in the local demands has no material impact on the business activities of Israeli technology companies. The second factor, which is more complex and fragile, is the sense that the fighting in Gaza is not creating a substantive threat to Israel’s security. As long as it is evident that the threat to personal safety in central Israel is marginal, if not negligible, the technology sector can project a sense of “business as usual”. The operation of the Iron Dome systems reinforces this sense of security. Nevertheless, one must take into account that this sense of security could be extremely fragile. The temporary halting of flights to Israel by foreign companies, as a result of a rocket falling in Yehud, provided clear evidence as to how quickly the situation could change. There was a good reason for the intensive political efforts to resume flights. Were it not for the decision to resume air travel with Israel within 24 hours, it is doubtful whether the atmosphere of normalcy could have been sustained. For anyone who needs a reminder of the possible correlation between personal safety and routine activity in the technology sector, one merely needs to recall the period of the Second Intifada. At the beginning of the 2000s, the suicide attacks caused visitors from overseas to stay away from Israel. Even though the technology sector was also suffering from the impact of the technology bubble burst during those same years, one cannot disregard the impact of the security threat on the recession that also hit the Israeli high-tech industry at that time. In light of this, while we can look with pride and some amazement at the continuing business activity in the Israeli technology sector, we must keep in mind that it is never impervious. The continuation of the Protective Edge Operation or an expansion of the military operations into central Israel is liable to have a material adverse impact on the high-tech industry as well. The author, Michael Barnea, is the Managing partner at Barnea & Co.
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The Next Big Thing from the Start-Up Nation

StartUp Open competition for start-ups is underway and companies are narrowing down. From near to hundred companies, which entered the competition, the judges have selected seven finalists to move forward and partake in the final event of the national competition that will take place on September 22nd , 2014 in Jerusalem.

Michael Barnea, Managing Partner from Barnea & Co, said, "As part of our long standing relationship with the Israeli entrepreneurial community, Barnea is proud to be a part of this  StartUp Open competition.  At the semi-final we identified a number of promising and innovative ventures and I am looking forward to pick out the winning start up at the finals. The wide spectrum of business ideas and industries represented by the final candidates are the talented and creative Israel start-up and hi-tech industry."

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Q&A with Micky Barnea - Globes

Micky Barnea was interviewed by Globes, an online newspaper, regarding the firms recent activity and achievements.

To London IPO or not?

Israeli companies have rediscovered the AIM in London; in a conference titled, "Time for London IPO" held today, regarding the London Stock Exchange there were differing views concerning how beneficial the AIM is in reality. Micky Barnea, managing partner at Barnea, whose specialty is in London IPO's, claims that "unlike in Israel, in London it is the Board of Directors that has the last say as opposed to the shareholders as they do in Israel. Therefore the deriving power in the market is different and as such may not be suitable for companies with a single controlling shareholder, who would have less ability to intervene in decision-making and would lack influence over the structure of the Board of Directors." 

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Barnea & Co. represented Pilat Media Global Plc.

Pilat Media Plc is a unique UK incorporated public company, as it was the only UK company listed on the Tel  Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) and the only company fully listed on both AIM and TASE – meeting the regulatory requirements of both jurisdictions.

The firm has represented Pilat since its inception, through a spin-off (demerger) from an Israeli public company, and has assisted it with compliance with Israeli regulatory requirements through the years. In April 2014 Pilat Media was sold to Sintec Media, one of its major competitors for a cash consideration of more than $100 million.

Barnea & Co represented Pilat Media and its shareholders in Israeli aspects of the transaction.

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Michael Barnea was participate in a panel of Competition experts - by Calcalist

After the Law for the Encouragement of Competition and the Reduction of Concentration was enacted, Calcalist convened a panel of experts, including Michael Barnea, in order to discuss the powers of the Antitrust Commissioner.

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Israel has won the lottery but does not take advantage of it

The business world is desperate for certainty, especially in the industries where investments of billions of dollars are required in order to build infrastructure such as the gas production - by  Micky Barnea, TheMarker.

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An interview with Michael Barnea

TheMarker annual edition entitled "The world is changing. And you?" dealt with the new "business world".  Adv. Michael Barnea discusses his career and the decisions that he has had to make during his career.

Barnea & Co. represented Ethemba Capital

Barnea represented Ethemba Capital (an offshore private equity investment fund) in the purchase of 46% (constituting control) of the issued share capital of Avgol Industries 1953 Ltd (a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel) for a purchase price of approximately USD 107 million.

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When tycoons keep the choicest business deals for themselves

Leading lawyers, among them Adv. Michael Barnea, are discussing the subject of executives’ salaries and the different ways controlling shareholders could collect profits. Further reading here.

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Barnea represented Zaki Rakib in the context of the purchase of Brazilian company

We represented Zaki Rakib in the context of the purchase of Brazilian company that holds a licence to render Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Services in the interior of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, with a total bandwidth of 70 MHz. The firm further represented Zaki Rakib when a company controlled by George Soros joined the venture and provided a convertible loan of US$ 20 million.

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The Challenges of technological innovation in water in Israel

Israel is proud of its water industry. It is an Industry that is based on limited resources and growing needs of the domestic water market, the global thirst for water solutions in all areas and the global reputation of companies that deal with Israeli water technology. Israel is also known for its technological industries. The local industry was based upon proven capabilities for initiating, financing, growth and realization of the companies in all areas of technology and life sciences. 

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2011 Annual M&A Convention

Micky Barnea speaks at the 2011 Annual M&A Convention, presenting "from handshake to closing - 50 ways not to lose a transaction".

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